Adrienne Rhodes
Marketing Manager
Adrienne is a digital marketer with a background in content creation, social media and email marketing across a wide variety of industries, from fashion to finance. A world-class athlete, you can find her leading her teams to victory on both the bocce court and the kickball field.

Adrienne’s Latest Blog Posts

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6 Marketing Considerations for an E-Commerce Web Design

Ecommerce design aesthetic is wildly important for branding and building trust. However, you should be sure not to let your pride come before your profit. Here are six ecommerce tips to ensure your site to generates sales.

Search Marketing Expo Scavenger Hunt

SMX is in full swing and we thought we’d up the ante with a topical scavenger hunt. The rules are open to interpretation and the prize is general awesomeness. Now, go forth and scavenge!


Facebook Marketing 101: Building Loyalty with Brand Pages

Most businesses can benefit from having a presence on this widely-used social network, but as with any other marketing channel, it’s important to go into it with realistic objectives.

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Web Geek Holiday Gift Guide

Does your best pal use an emoticon stamp and continually talk about getting hashtag tattoo? If so, this list is certainly for you.


Facebook’s New Facelift Means Big Changes for Marketers

Every time Facebook makes a move marketers can expect to be following closely behind. One of these major moves announced last week is an improved Open Graph, which allows users to watch video, listen to music and read news together.


How To: Build an Effective Email Content Strategy

Email marketing can be highly targeted and its results are relatively easy to track. However, many companies end up driving their users away by using poor etiquette and not thinking about the needs of the target audience.

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