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You will be hard pressed to find someone as addicted to SEO and conversion optimization as Alhan. When he's not obsessing about conversions, you'll find him training for an Ironman or his next big adventure.

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online marketing trends 2013

13 Online Marketing Trends for 2013

Will 2013 be the year where ROI-focused tactics see tremendous growth? It sure looks like it. Find out how you can take advantage of the latest in online marketing.

mobile cart

Ramp Up Your Mobile Marketing Basics from Tablets to Smartphones

Your mobile marketing strategy has to be more than a rehash of your desktop efforts. If you’d like to tap into to this massive market, here are some tips that will help you get started!

Google Trust Badge

How to Setup the Google Trusted Store Badge on Your Website

The Google Trusted Store Badge has been shown to increase conversion rates by over 9% in some cases. This is a quick overview of how to get started with the Google-powered trust badge.

How to Bind onClick Events to Links

Here’s a trick that might liberate you from your dependency on your developer to add onclick event tracking to each link on your website. Say hello to the “bind” function.

SEO Standards

SEO Standards for Front-End Coders & Back-End Developers

This is a post for any HTML coder or back-end developer who wants to know what it is that they should know about SEO. On-site SEO requires more than just an SEO expert. It’s a team effort.

How to Track 404 Errors in Google Analytics

How To Track 404 Errors in Google Analytics

Tracking and fixing 404 errors can save you thousands of Dollars. Use this simple Google Analytics trick to easily catch 404 errors and find the root of the problem.

Google Content Experiments Launches; GWO Techies Have Aneurysm

Google Website Optimizer will no longer be available after August 1st. In its place will be Content Experiments, a new section within Google Analytics. Being integrated with GA means that the tool is much more dumbed down (and it is), but it also means that A/B testing has just become ~70% more accessible to the world… and that is sweet.


Online Marketing 101: Reduce Bounces & Abandons for More Conversions

The best way to increase website conversion rates is to figure out how to reduce visitor bounces and abandons. While this may seem like a tricky equation to solve, following a few basic steps can help improve your online ROI right away.

14 Tips to Setup Google Analytics

This post will give you those essential items to review in your Google Analytics deployment and setup, once you’ve gotten through basic training.


How to Track Form Fields as Pageviews in Google Analytics

These tips will give you the ability to track each form field of a web form as a virtual pageviews and thus create either one or multiple conversion funnels using Google Analytics.

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