Emily Sokolow
Emily is a digital marketer who specializes in copywriting and creative strategy. She's allergic to typos and isn't afraid to tell you if your presentation has one. When she's not cooking up fresh ideas for a client she's playing with her dog, Betsy, who she considers her flesh-and-blood. Betsy's focus is on paid search advertising, and the two make a killer marketing duo.

Emily’s Latest Blog Posts


Can Moz Analytics Be The Holy Grail of Inbound Marketing?

Last week, SEOMoz announced a full rebranding of its site and software. It’s no longer called SEOMoz, but simply “Moz”. Will the new Moz Analytics be a big step up? What can marketers hope for from the new software? Read this post to find out.


5 Reasons for Brands to Love Facebook’s Updated News Feed

Facebook announced a new improvement to its news feed last week. Is your brand taking advantage of this new opportunity in social media marketing?


10 Ecommerce Sites Decked Out In Holiday Design

Holiday-themed web design can be powerful for ecommerce websites looking to enhance their seasonal presence. Check out 10 websites decked out in holiday design for the 2012 season!

Favorite Social Media Platforms of Online Marketing Pros

There are so many useful social media platforms these days it can be hard figuring out which is best for you. However, lucky for you, our professional online marketers aren’t shy about sharing their opinions on the matter. Read this post and learn what the pros use and how the use it!

twitter Feature

12 Tips for Tweeting the Presidential Debates and Election

The first presidential debate in 2012 was the most tweeted about event in U.S. political history. Check out this article to learn how to catch a slice of that audience for your business.

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