Liz Demcsak
Marketing Specialist
A NY Giants fan with a background in journalism, Liz specializes in content creation for BFM clients. A secret Diet Sunkist addict, she has a natural knack for enticing friends (and coworkers) out for impromptu dance parties. Resistance is futile.

Liz’s Latest Blog Posts


Super Social Super Bowl Commercials

It’s not often 111 million people turn their attention to the same thing, but come Sunday a good chunk of America will tune in and watch the New York Giants smack down the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl for the second time in four years.


Say What? 5 Ways to Optimize Results for Voice-Activated Searches

A scant three months after Apple released its iPhone 4S, the debate over how the device’s speech –recognition personal assistant, AKA Siri, will change search is in full effect.

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