Rishe Groner
Marketing Strategist
Rishe studied both marketing and communications at school, which means she not only tells people what to buy, but she tells them nicely. She is known to live-tweet sporting matches, conversations with small children, and her hunts for banana-flavored desserts throughout downtown Manhattan.

Rishe’s Latest Blog Posts


2015 Summer Reading List for Marketers

Want to learn more about marketing this summer? Take a look at our summer reading list.

Digital Strategy ROI

Why a Good Digital Marketing Strategy is Key to a Good ROI

Starting an online marketing campaign without a clear strategy is a surefire recipe for chaos. Our new blog post explores some of the best ways to a good strategy will help your business achieve positive ROI.

Native Advertising 101: What's All the Buzz About?

Native Advertising 101: What’s All the Buzz About?

First we had social, then we had mobile – with native advertising now on the scene, it’s time to find out if, indeed, native ads are the new “big thing.”


Best of the Inbox Awards: The Top 8 Email Campaigns of 2012

For the very first time, Blue Fountain Media presents the Inbox Awards! Check out the best 8 email blasts from 2012 and what it was that had us clicking.


Turning One Sale Into Two: How to Integrate Social Media With Ecommerce

By strategically placing social sharing buttons on your site’s product and content pages, you can turn each online sale into its own marketing campaign to drive additional traffic and conversions. Learn how leverage social for your ecommerce site with this post.

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