Scott Humphrey
Marketing Associate
Scott is a digital marketer and SEO specialist with a penchant for prolific expression. Scott has been a writer for most of his career. In his free time he focuses on writing about social and environmental issues in New York State and beyond.

Scott’s Latest Blog Posts

Landing Pages Cause Conversion

How to Create an Intuitive Landing Page that Converts Users

Optimizing for conversions is the name of the game no matter what skill or discipline you happen to be employing in the realm of online marketing. Once a person lands on your website, whether it be the homepage or product specific page, how you layout your content is crucial when it comes to grabbing attention and getting people to call or opt in for more engagement with your brand.


Art of the Pitch: How to Build Great Links and Relationships

An ongoing relationship with a high authority blogger is one of the most powerful resources an SEO has at their disposal. Learn how to build long-term relationships along side high-value links with these pitch tips.

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