Stephanie Walton
A professionally trained musician with a knack for making guacamole, Stephanie is a marketing specialist with skills in copy writing, SEO, and Google wizardry. With Texas as her home state, TexMex is not just a cuisine, it’s a lifestyle. If she had her way, all of life would be filtered through an Excel spreadsheet.

Stephanie’s Latest Blog Posts


The Ever-Blurring Lines Between Marketing and Advertising

When Cannes released the winners of the World’s Best Ads and Commercials for 2012-2013, I took a closer look to see what I could apply to the online content I create for my clients. Read more for some of the most important takeaways.

content marketing

5 Steps for Creating Your First Content Marketing Strategy

Content is taking over the world and it is more important than ever to have a strong content campaign as a part of your digital strategy. Read on to learn how to get started with content marketing.


Making Peace with [Not Provided]

Are you frustrated by the [not provided] keyword data in your site analytics? Learn how to take your data back and overcome the [not provided] problem with this blog post!


Clean Up Old Link Building Habits with Google’s Disavow Tool

The disavow tool is meant to be a solution to link building problems for those who want to build a reputable site but perhaps have a not-so-reputable past. If you need to clean up your link building act, we can help you get started. Read more about how in this post!

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