This Week in Cool Stuff #1


This Week in Cool Stuff is a new series of posts that simply lists a few cool things that we come across online. We don't have a lot of time to curate the list, but we do like cool stuff. Here goes the first one!

1. The HTML 5 time-suck

This HTML 5 canvas application was created by Daniel Puhe. It's called Liquid Particles and is best viewed using the Google Chrome browser. Move your mouse around to scatter the dots and click to push them all away. So addictive. You can also switch to letters instead of dots, but that's less cool.

HTML 5 Canvas

If you liked that, then you'll also enjoy this by 9Elements in Germany. And if you have not already, you should definitely check out the website made to promote The Wilderness Downtown by Arcade Fire.


2. What happens when you spend your life on Facebook

This is a video by CG artist, Maxime Luère, similar to the Google Search Stories, but on Facebook.

3. Ten businesses the smart phone destroyed

Although I don't completely agree that these businesses were "destroyed", I do think they were all badly hurt. From this list, I definitely don't use a PDA, camera, regular mobile phone, GPS, Flip, MP3 player, and have come to rely less on my various computers.

Businesses destroyed by smartphones

4. Google rolls out quick preview feature for everyone

As I mentioned it earlier this week, Google searchers can now see previews of websites on search result pages. Not everyone is happy about it, though. Read about it here.

Google Quick Preview

5. A collection of great infographics

Speckyboy posted a great collection of inspirational infographics for designers.

Prisms social media 2010

6. Ralph Lauren 4D show in New York

Ralph Lauren put on a very cool show on November 10. Check out this video.

7. Wunderlist - free task management software

Wunderlist is a completely free task management software, highlighted by LifeHacker this week. Works on both Mac and Windows... AND syncs across all of your machines.

8. The 'Winnie the Pooh' trailer

Disney released its first trailer for the film, set to hit screens July 15, 2011.

online marketing trends


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