10 Ecommerce Sites Decked Out In Holiday Design


Here in New York, the storefronts on 5th Avenue are decked out in all their holiday glory. This is a time-honored tradition that even holds "tourist attraction" status. So naturally, digital storefronts are following suit. Holiday-themed web design can be powerful for ecommerce websites looking to enhance their seasonal presence. Aside from its visual appeal, seasonal web design demonstrates the timeliness and relevance of your online store. It makes a statement that your site is updated, reflecting seasonal events - and signals of freshness are always a good thing both from a design and a marketing perspective.

Here are some of the most eye-catching digital storefronts spotted this holiday season:

1. The Container Store
A fully-customized seasonal homepage complete, with rotating banner image and holiday messaging, instantly places visitors in a "giving" mindset.

2. Petco
This is a designated Holiday page within Petco's main site. Adding a specific landing page to your main site navigation keeps things nice and organized. And how happy does Fido look?

3. Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters created a fresh holiday slide to its rotating banner.

4. Tweezerman
Sometimes all you need is a single, high-quality image to make a statement without upstaging the rest of your content. Tweezerman complements the image with holiday messaging.

5. Walmart
Retail mastermind Walmart combines engaging imagery, with call-for-action messaging. Items like "Free Shipping" and "Today Only" take advantage of the pressure to find the right gift, fast.

6. Smarties
Smarties lives up to its name, with a memorable Flash homepage dedicated to the holiday season. Click the snowman for a Smarties Tree game.

7. Tiffany & Co.
No one does elegance like Tiffany's. A simple red sash is enough to plant the seed of holiday giving, remaining true to the brand's sleek, sophisticated look.

8. Anthony for Men
Ornaments aren't just for decorating trees anymore. Notice how the background and foreground images both contain red accent details.

9. Macy's
Clear messaging and holiday promotion codes cater to the immediate goals of holiday shoppers. Smart.

10. Magnolia Bakery
A more subtle method was used by this posh Manhattan bakery. Placing a seasonal product image in the homepage's feature gallery stays true to brand, with a dash of spirit.

Whether it's a full-page redesign (a la Smarties), or a dash of cheer added to a photo (a la Tiffany's), a little seasonal flair can go a long way. With Valentine's Day a couple months away, it's time to start planning these accent details now. Take advantage of seasonal events and decorate accordingly!

Happy Holidays from the BFM Team!

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  1. Marianne Wallson said:

    How lovely. That design makes me want to have some of those cupcakes. This is what I love about seasonal designs. Aside from the seasonal flavors, it also comes with a cute boxes for collection.

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