Future of SEO, Remarketing & Mobile at BFM Expert Series

On November 20th, the BFM Experts Series was held at the Ganservoort Hotel on Park Ave, where Blue Fountain Media team members presented 3 hot topics in digital marketing with a keynote by former Ogilvy CEO, Kenneth Roman. Below are videos, photos and presentations from the day.

Gansevoort Hotel

The event took place at the Gansevoort Hotel, on Park Ave, one block from the Blue Fountain Media office. 


Ken Roman

Former Ogilvy CEO, Kenneth Roman, delivering the keynote presentation. 


Event attendees engaging in a discussion prior to the start of sessions. 


BFM Marketing Director, Alanna Francis, presenting "The Future of Search". 


Former CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, Kenneth Roman, gives his keynote address.


"Display & Email Remarketing" presented by Marketing Managers Adrienne Rhodes and Ashley Kemper.


"Tapping into the Mobile Market" presented by CMO Alhan Keser and Head of Information Architecture Jason Manders.


"The Future of Online Search" presented by Marketing Director Alanna Francis.


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