Our Cool 404 Page: Pacman



Our 404 page is the last thing we'd want you to see while you browse our website. After all, if you come across it, it's likely that a link on our website is incorrect. But if you do happen to come across it, at least you'll be able to enjoy a game of Pacman!

Check out our cool Pacman 404 page here:


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  1. Mal Milligan said:

    You could probably get a bounce rate below 15% if you gave free cheats for the 404 page !!

  2. This is the coolest idea for a 404 page! I love that people are starting to make their 404 pages more interesting looking, but this takes it to a new level. Its a great way to make your web page interactive and fun, even when your customers might otherwise be frustrated. Very creative!

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