How To: Extend AdWords Reach with New Interest Categories

Google’s new Interest Categories is designed to enable advertisers to target consumers based on their previous behavior and search history.

How Businesses Can Earn the Trust of Online Visitors

When you take your business online, the single biggest hurdle you face is gaining the trust of visitors who are unfamiliar with you, your business, your products or your services.

Anthony and social media snafus

How To Survive a Social Media PR Crisis

If you get caught with your pants down try these eight steps to rectify the situation.


Mobile Social Networking Growth Grabs Marketers Attention

Mobile social networking is providing some attractive numbers for marketers to consider.

Dilbert Disses Back Hat SEO

Dilbert Rejects Black Hat SEO

No kidding, black hat SEO is no laughing matter!

Mobile Location Ads on the rise.

Immediacy is the Message as Location-based Mobile Ads Proliferate

Growth in mobile ads is being added by social media and its natural extension into micro-location services.


Keying In On Online Reputation Management

Your company’s website is invariably the first place potential clients will go to check you out and it is ultimately a brochure available for you to put the best possible face on your business.


A Day with the “Fathers of the Internet”

I have been working in the online world since the late 1990s.

While I might feel like something of an old-timer in this space, I had the opportunity this week to meet and listen

Search Engine Optimization

Seven Reasons Your SEO Efforts Are Stalling

For just about any company today with a Web presence, improving visibility of a website or a Web page for search engines is a priority. Unfortunately, many businesses lack the resources to outsource the job to SEO experts and results are often mixed at best.


The Weiner Principle: Plus 5 More Social Media Meltdowns

Of all the social-media lessons U.S. Rep Anthony Weiner has provided us with his career-killing sexting scandal, the classic is a boneheaded example of how to take down a well-respected brand with a few

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