Black Friday Versus Cyber Monday: Ad Planning

Spreading your ad planning budget between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is not as simple as it may seem.

Trending this Week: Obama Kisses Chavez, Pope Wears Funny Hat

Benetton is often better at stirring up controversy than selling clothes, but the Italian retailer’s ability shock and awe helps it lead trending lists around the world.


Tips for Successful Social Media Integration

Designing and configuring social media sharing buttons can help expand your brand and deliver your content to more people.


Keeping Your Online Media Social

Social media is an important part of the online marketing mix and not only relevant to online searches, but the online search process itself.

Cool (Geeky) Stuff on The Last Binary Day of the Century

After today we will not see another binary event on this scale until January 1, 2100. If that doesn’t pique your interest there are some other fun things to consider in this post.

Google Brand Pages

How To: Make the Most of Google+ Brand Pages

Google+ may have underwhelmed so far, but there are still a few unique features that brands and marketers can (and should) take advantage of.

Increase Brand Value Through Positive Marketing

Positive marketing is a mutually beneficial relationship between marketers, customers and anyone affected by the marketing efforts.

home-Page (1)

How To: Make a Better Homepage

The world’s most visited homepage is also most likely one of the simplest. And it’s no coincidence that the guys responsible for revolutionizing the search engine also understand the importance of a sleek, clutter-free design.


A Tactical Guide to Broken Link Building

Link building can be a key component in any SEO campaign, but without leveraging broken link tactics marketers are missing a piece of the bigger picture.

Google Tweaks Algorithm to Increase Timeliness [News]

Thirty-five percent of search queries on Google will now look a lot ‘fresher’ due to a change in company’s algorithm.

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