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How To Navigate NEW Ranking Factors in Apple’s NEW App Store

Search rankings in the App Store are now heavily influenced by download rates, installation rates, social popularity, ratings and reviews. Do you know how to best optimize your app rankings? Read this article to find out how.


15 Email Guidelines for Developers

Coding for email newsletters is drastically different than coding a standard Web page. If you want to learn the best steps to optimize your email marketing efforts, we have 15 tips to set you on the right path.

Search Marketing Expo Scavenger Hunt

SMX is in full swing and we thought we’d up the ante with a topical scavenger hunt. The rules are open to interpretation and the prize is general awesomeness. Now, go forth and scavenge!

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Email Inspirations: 5 Emails from Top Email Marketing Services

If you’re an email marketer not currently subscribed to receive content from the top email marketing services, you have some catching up to do. Lucky for you, this post will get you started on the right path.


How to Take Advantage of the New Twitter Profile

Twitter has introduced new pages similar to Facebook’s Timeline that could present new opportunities and challenges for your brand. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you should read this post!


How to Increase Email Click and Conversion Rates Before Images

The extremely limited attention span of email recipients requires email marketers to take extra measures when it comes to grabbing user focus. How will you stand out above the fray? Check out these proven methods to increase click and conversion rates.


From the Web Design Trench: If Color is Important to Your Client, Get to Know Them

The more layers of communication placed between the client and the designer, the greater the risk of misunderstandings. Blue Fountain Media designer, Liya Osepaishvili, gives us her insights into getting to the heart of the matter with clients.

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3 Countries Go for Olympic Gold in Web Design

Instead of critiquing Gabby Douglas’ floor exercise, Usain Bolt’s post-race styling, or Ryan Locthe’s Dolphin Kick, I decided to take a look at the websites that make gathering information from past, present and future Olympics possible.

Product Listing Ads: An Absolute No Brainer for Merchants

Product Listing Ads account for 23% lower cost per clicks compared to text ads.

Google Trust Badge

How to Setup the Google Trusted Store Badge on Your Website

The Google Trusted Store Badge has been shown to increase conversion rates by over 9% in some cases. This is a quick overview of how to get started with the Google-powered trust badge.

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