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How To Optimize Local Business for Search

A few short years ago only 54 percent of small businesses had websites. Today the number has climbed to 82 percent and as more and more local businesses continue to expand their online presence it is increasingly harder to garner, and hold, the attention of consumers.


You Are Here: The Battle of Geo-Location Services

A number of companies have thrown their hats into the geo-location services ring recently with limited success, but these two popular services are currently winning the fight: Foursquare and Yelp.


How To Use New Tools and Controls to Manage Google+ Pages

After introducing Google+ Pages as a way to provide businesses the ability to build a public identity on Google+, the company has been busy tweaking the platform and recently added new tools and controls to help better manage these pages.

Trending This Week: Santa, Siri and Sex [Video Edition]

Plus, eight stories from around the Web you may have missed.


5 Not So Obvious Tips for Creating a Better Mobile-Friendly Website

Soon there will be more mobile devices than humans. So why aren’t more Web designers busy building mobile sites?

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Web Geek Holiday Gift Guide

Does your best pal use an emoticon stamp and continually talk about getting hashtag tattoo? If so, this list is certainly for you.

Trending This Week: Google Makes Girl Cry, Kremlin Fights Fair, Then Dirty

You can accomplish almost anything through a smart social media campaign. If you can’t, try cheating. It appears the Russian government is fond of that tactic.


How To Get the Most out of LinkedIn Company Pages

As sharing information through the social media stream becomes increasingly important, businesses are finding LinkedIn an indispensable tool.

Trending This Week: Presidential Politics, Twitter Revamp, Thumbs Down for Facebook

Facebook toys with a “Dislike” button, Twitter sharpens its image and Presidential hopeful releases an odd video.

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The 15 Minute SEO Audit: Ammo for Your Next Sales Meeting

A quick SEO audit can help you identify marketing opportunities for a client and provides much needed information on different ways your efforts can deliver value.

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