The Potential Revenue of Optimizing Mobile

The Potential Revenue of Optimizing Mobile

There is a wide open marketplace comprised of a substantial amount of users that is relatively untapped on mobile. Not taking steps to optimize your business’ mobile presence now is to simply throw potential revenue away.

Blue Fountain Media Expert Seminar Series

Mobile Strategies, Website Redesign and Engaging Content Marketing at BFM Expert Seminar Series

On September 24, the fourth seminar in Blue Fountain Media’s 2013 Expert Seminar Series was held. Watch all the presentations and view the presenter’s slides by reading on!

Promoted Pins are on their way

Promoted Pinning: The Future of Pinterest

Pinterest is beginning to test new promoted pins for businesses. Learn what this will mean for brands and users and how it will affect Pinterest as it continues to grow.

Digital Marketing Extensions for Chrome

Digital Marketing Extensions for Chrome

Having to navigate to different pages on the internet to use a variety of different tools can be a frustrating proposition for busy marketers. These digital marketing extensions for Chrome make it easier to use the tools you absolutely need to have.

Making Google Analytics Work for You

Making Google Analytics Work for You

If you are looking for a better way to analyze and interpret data, check out some of the less well known but extremely helpful features in Google Analytics that will make your job easier.

Vine vs Instagram

Brand Visibility: Vine vs. Instagram Video

Choosing between Vine and Video on Instagram can be a difficult decision when trying to figure out which platform will give better brand visibility. Read on to learn which service makes more sense for your brand.

Video Marketing

Amplify your Marketing Mix with Video

Video allows marketers to create an instant emotional connection with an audience in a way that a paragraph of text or a series of images could never do. Learn how to add video to your marketing mix with this post.


Content Marketing: It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal

Whether you choose to work with a digital agency or want to create your own content marketing strategy, here are the 5 most important “dating tips” to make your audience fall in love with your brand.

How NOT to Set Up Event Tracking

How NOT to Set Up Event Tracking

Many marketers rush to put event tracking in place and come out weeks later with numbers that have no actionable meaning behind them and confuse more than they clarify. Following the few simple guidelines in this post will help you get your event tracking up in a way to see a site’s value as well as potential various optimizations.

.edu Link Building

How to Get Backlinks from .EDU Domains

Education URLs are frequently some of the most authoritative websites on the internet. Here are some tactics that can help your company obtain links from education websites.

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