Facebook Marketing 101: Building Loyalty with Brand Pages

Most businesses can benefit from having a presence on this widely-used social network, but as with any other marketing channel, it’s important to go into it with realistic objectives.

How to Track 404 Errors in Google Analytics

How To Track 404 Errors in Google Analytics

Tracking and fixing 404 errors can save you thousands of Dollars. Use this simple Google Analytics trick to easily catch 404 errors and find the root of the problem.


Google Recommends Responsive Design for Smartphone-Optimized Sites

Google finally this week broke its long silence when it comes to suggesting best practices for mobile SEO. The answer: responsive web design.

How Auction Insights Will Change Your AdWords Strategy

Google is hoping a new layer transparency added to the AdWords auction process will help marketers and advertisers make better informed optimization decisions.

Google Content Experiments Launches; GWO Techies Have Aneurysm

Google Website Optimizer will no longer be available after August 1st. In its place will be Content Experiments, a new section within Google Analytics. Being integrated with GA means that the tool is much more dumbed down (and it is), but it also means that A/B testing has just become ~70% more accessible to the world… and that is sweet.


Trending This Week: Google vs China, Donuts and TechCrunch

Goolge alerts Chinese users about search terms that trigger China’s Internet blocks. Donuts are BIG in NYC. TechCrunch faces questions over startup contest.


Online Marketing 101: Reduce Bounces & Abandons for More Conversions

The best way to increase website conversion rates is to figure out how to reduce visitor bounces and abandons. While this may seem like a tricky equation to solve, following a few basic steps can help improve your online ROI right away.


How To Capture a Larger Audience with AdWords for Video

If you’re trying to build awareness for your client while keeping the marketing spend in check, video can lead to a 20 percent increase in website traffic and a 5 percent increase in searches for a business.


Trending This Week: Google and Yahoo Still Exist

It’s been less than two months since Facebook set the Twittersphere aflutter after announcing its plans to acquire photo app company Instagram for $1 billion, but the social networking site is already moving on …

How Building Communities Leads to Commerce

Social media remains a hot button issue, even hotter over the past couple of weeks with Facebook’s valuation and subsequent reactions to its IPO.

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