3 Ways Social Media Empowers B2B Marketing

Social media is often undervalued in the world of business to business marketing. Learn how three companies bucked this trend and reaped the rewards – and why you should be doing the same.


4 New Changes to Google Maps that Affect Local Search

Say goodbye to Google Maps as you know it and hello to a new and improved way of searching for your desired destination. Marketers, if you haven’t been invited to test the new Google Maps, there are a few things that you will want to look into that may change the way you optimize for local search.


Can Moz Analytics Be The Holy Grail of Inbound Marketing?

Last week, SEOMoz announced a full rebranding of its site and software. It’s no longer called SEOMoz, but simply “Moz”. Will the new Moz Analytics be a big step up? What can marketers hope for from the new software? Read this post to find out.

content marketing

5 Steps for Creating Your First Content Marketing Strategy

Content is taking over the world and it is more important than ever to have a strong content campaign as a part of your digital strategy. Read on to learn how to get started with content marketing.


5 Lists To Get Started With Remarketing

On average, 96% of site visitors leave without completing a desired action and 70% of online shopping carts are left abandoned. Learn how to reengage this massive, missed opportunity with display remarketing.


How To Use Call Extensions in Enhanced Adwords Campaigns

As uncomfortable as Adwords Enhanced Campaigns may make those of us who have grown accustomed to a certain level of control, we must adapt. The change is inevitable. Read this post to learn about one way you can be prepared.


Where Does Your Content Lead?

Whether you’re advocating for an idea, a product or service, or any type of brand message, the content that you create, coupled with the context in which is put, leads all of the conversations you’re trying to create.
But is content truly king? Read this post to find out.


5 Tips for Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

With Mashable reporting that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than all other social networks combined, can you really afford not to optimize your company’s pinterest account? Learn how with this post!

Innovative, Revitalizing Business Strategies at the BFM Expert Seminar Series

The third seminar in Blue Fountain Media’s Expert Series took place on Tuesday, May 21st. Read this post to get a recap of the event’s highlights including photos and presentation slides.


Summary of Most Common SEO Mistakes to Cut from Matt Cutts

The sultan of webspam, Google’s Matt Cutts, recently released a video listing the top five most common mistakes in SEO. If that video didn’t convince you that you’re making one of these mistakes, or if you want more ideas for how to fix them, read on.

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