2012 Year in Review: Search Engine Optimization

If you hope to fare well in the feature, it’s always wise to know a little something about the past. There were a lot of significant changes to Google’s algorithm this year, as well as the ways marketers use search engines. In this post you’ll learn about some of the more significant changes we saw in search in 2012.


Turning One Sale Into Two: How to Integrate Social Media With Ecommerce

By strategically placing social sharing buttons on your site’s product and content pages, you can turn each online sale into its own marketing campaign to drive additional traffic and conversions. Learn how leverage social for your ecommerce site with this post.

Talking Design

Talking Design: Effective Fashion Websites

Creating a websites for fashion and beauty brands requires extra planning and consideration. Three members of the BFM team share their insights on what it takes to launch a successful beauty website.

Favorite Social Media Platforms of Online Marketing Pros

There are so many useful social media platforms these days it can be hard figuring out which is best for you. However, lucky for you, our professional online marketers aren’t shy about sharing their opinions on the matter. Read this post and learn what the pros use and how the use it!

Future of SEO, Remarketing & Mobile at BFM Expert Series

On November 20th, the BFM Experts Series was held at the Ganservoort Hotel on Park Ave, where Blue Fountain Media team members presented 3 hot topics in digital marketing with a keynote by former …

Email Retarget

How To Improve Conversion Funnels with Email Remarketing

Email remarketing can draw users who leave your website without converting back to complete what they had started, take some other action, or simply keep them engaged with your business. If you want to learn more about tapping into this valuable group of potential customers, read this post!


Clean Up Old Link Building Habits with Google’s Disavow Tool

The disavow tool is meant to be a solution to link building problems for those who want to build a reputable site but perhaps have a not-so-reputable past. If you need to clean up your link building act, we can help you get started. Read more about how in this post!

mobile cart

Ramp Up Your Mobile Marketing Basics from Tablets to Smartphones

Your mobile marketing strategy has to be more than a rehash of your desktop efforts. If you’d like to tap into to this massive market, here are some tips that will help you get started!

4 Things Medical Websites Should NEVER Do

A well-planned website can provide a significant source of revenue for medical facilities that otherwise rely heavily on word-of-mouth for new business. However, don’t make ANY of these four mistakes on your medical website! Read more about it here.

instagram feature

Instagram and the New Social Order of Operations

Instagram’s Web interface may well change the way we view digital and social in the future. Read this post and learn how.

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