8 Essential Characteristics of a User Persona

8 Essential Characteristics of a User Persona for a Website

When building a user persona, including these 8 essential characteristics will help you build a website that is better tailored for your target audience.

The elements of structured content

Future Proof: 4 Reasons to Structure Your Content Right Now

In the age of big data and hyperconnectivity, structuring your content is an important step towards making your content more attractive to users and search engines alike.

Pinterest Refreshes Home Feed with Related Pins

Pinterest Refreshes Home Feed with Related Pins

Just weeks after announcing promoted pins, Pinterest has unveiled new related pins. Find out what this means for how you use Pinterest.


The Advantages of Building a User Persona

Talking with your website’s users to figure out their needs can be helpful, but an easier way to understand your audience is to build user personas.

How to Schedule Posts on Twitter

How to Schedule Posts on Twitter

Twitter recently introduced an option for users to schedule their tweets ahead of time without using a third party platform. Read on to learn why you should care about these new changes and how you can use them to your advantage.

Native Advertising 101: What's All the Buzz About?

Native Advertising 101: What’s All the Buzz About?

First we had social, then we had mobile – with native advertising now on the scene, it’s time to find out if, indeed, native ads are the new “big thing.”

How to get your mobile app downloaded

How to Promote Awareness and Drive Mobile App Downloads

Being finely tuned and functional is the most important aspect for a quality mobile app, but without a good promotional strategy even the best app won’t get downloaded.

The Potential Revenue of Optimizing Mobile

The Potential Revenue of Optimizing Mobile

There is a wide open marketplace comprised of a substantial amount of users that is relatively untapped on mobile. Not taking steps to optimize your business’ mobile presence now is to simply throw potential revenue away.

Blue Fountain Media Expert Seminar Series

Mobile Strategies, Website Redesign and Engaging Content Marketing at BFM Expert Seminar Series

On September 24, the fourth seminar in Blue Fountain Media’s 2013 Expert Seminar Series was held. Watch all the presentations and view the presenter’s slides by reading on!

Promoted Pins are on their way

Promoted Pinning: The Future of Pinterest

Pinterest is beginning to test new promoted pins for businesses. Learn what this will mean for brands and users and how it will affect Pinterest as it continues to grow.

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