How The GRAMMYs Broke Records and Paused the Social Web

The GRAMMYs have shown us how a carefully laid out plan can drive content, conversation and, in terms of what they were searching for in their social media campaign, conversion

Social Media WEek

14 Trends Spotted at Social Media Week

Social Media Week gave us our latest opportunity to spot online trends to which we should take heed when looking to communicate through what may very well be today’s most popular online channel.


5 Social Media Lessons Jeremy Lin Can Teach Marketers

You don’t have to be ‘Spiked Out’ to see what Jeremy Lin is doing for the New York Knicks and social media.


Super Social Super Bowl Commercials

It’s not often 111 million people turn their attention to the same thing, but come Sunday a good chunk of America will tune in and watch the New York Giants smack down the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl for the second time in four years.


Social Media: In Visible Campaigns

The social online world affords content providers more creativity in the name of sharing, so when it comes to social content, a picture can truly be worth a thousand words.


Keyboard Shortcuts Guaranteed to Save You Time

For many Web designers, learning keyboard shortcuts is a job necessity. Not only can keyboard shortcuts greatly increase your productivity, but streamlining these motions can be good for your health (carpal tunnel, anyone?) and help keep your efforts sharp.

10 Commandments

10 Commandments of Optimizing Landing Pages for Conversions

Using a targeted landing page is a sure way to increase the odds of converting that hard-earned traffic into leads.


No Layer Left Behind: A More Efficient Photoshop

Focusing on Web design etiquette from the start of a project goes a long way in helping to succeed as a team.

Twitter presence

9 Tactics for Upping Your Presence on Twitter

Whether you work for a Fortune 500, mid-sized start-up, or play a starring role in a solo operation out of a basement, building a brand presence on Twitter is a must. Doing so can give your business access to a near endless pool of potential customers (360 million and counting to more precise) and the ability to tap into new markets with a single tweet.


Say What? 5 Ways to Optimize Results for Voice-Activated Searches

A scant three months after Apple released its iPhone 4S, the debate over how the device’s speech –recognition personal assistant, AKA Siri, will change search is in full effect.

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