Did Our VeriSign Seal Really Increase Conversions by 42%?

Many know that placing trust seals like the Verisign trust seal clearly visible on your website helps with conversions, but you might be surprised by just how much.


How To Effectively Use Responsive Web Design

Responsive design websites aim to keep the most important elements on screen and prioritized, no matter the browser size and orientation.


How To Share Custom Reports, Advanced Segments and Dashboards

Google Analytics can be an invaluable tool for busy marketers. It saves time, helps keep you on track and provides a peak into data that can be particularly relevant to your long term success.

AB testing

How To Be Successful Using A/B and Multivariate Testing

Everyone knows that website traffic is valuable commody. You work hard just to get them into the game, but it isn’t over once visitors arrive. In order to maximize these early efforts, you’ll need another big push to get them across that goal line – conversion.

50 Best

The 50 Best “Best Of” Online Marketing Lists

The ubiquitous ‘Best Of’ list can be found across just about any industry. However, ours is the first (as far as our research indicates) dedicated to the Best of the Best of Lists.

How To: Use Facebook Giveaways and Contests to Extend Marketing Reach

Online giveaways are great way for marketers and consumers to connect. One particular advantage pulling them in with these type enticing offerings is the long-term potential: once potential customer “Likes” your Facebook page they most often stick around to receive the many status updates or promos you send out each week.


7 Big Features of Facebook Timeline for Brands

The Facebook redesign has had the business world all a-twitter already, but what we really need to know is how this new iteration is changing the way we use Facebook as a brand.


How an Owl Increased Our Retargeting CTRs by 430%

If an owl and a bit of creativity can help us dramatically increase CTRs, maybe a little change of pace in your efforts might help you avoid lost opportunities.


How The GRAMMYs Broke Records and Paused the Social Web

The GRAMMYs have shown us how a carefully laid out plan can drive content, conversation and, in terms of what they were searching for in their social media campaign, conversion

Social Media WEek

14 Trends Spotted at Social Media Week

Social Media Week gave us our latest opportunity to spot online trends to which we should take heed when looking to communicate through what may very well be today’s most popular online channel.

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