Dan Edwards

I’m Feeling Lucky: An Insider’s Story of Google’s Meteoric Rise

Google’s 59th employee shares plenty of insights about his former company and its co-founders in his biography, but the former Google brand manager angst only serves to alienate readers.

Google +: Another Weapon in Your Promotional Arsenal

Google+ is the fastest growing social media platform in history, with over 175 million users in less than a year.


How To: Effectively Use White Spaces to Increase Mobile Website Conversions

Advances in mobile technology have led to a dramatic increase in usage in recent years. Now, as mobile websites proliferate, concerns over creating effective sites to increase conversions are moving to the forefront.


53 New York City Storefronts vs Their Websites

These 53 storefronts and 53 matching websites; see how they measure up.

QR Code

4 Sure Ways to Kill a QR Code Campaign

With nearly one in five people in the U.S. using some form of mobile Web device each day, it looks like Quick Response codes have moved from the realm of tech fad to necessary evil.

AdWords Express

AdWords vs. AdWords Express

Google’s AdWords Express intends to be a sort of AdWords for Dummies in an effort to remove guess work from the often complicated PPC campaigns associated with the standard AdWords.


Will Marketers Take to Ad-Littered Twitter?

Twitter starts generating some advertising revenue but will its huge user base stand for it?


How To: Organize Content for Mobile Website Optimization

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about building out mobile optimized websites to capture a slice of one of the world’s fastest growing markets.

10 Commandments

10 Commandments of Account Management for Any Business

Former Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide Kenneth Roman presided over some of the world’s biggest advertising campaigns and here lays out this rules for sucess.


Designing for New Facebook Pages

The new Facebook design is opening plenty of poortunites for a fresh perspective of social media designers.

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