Facebook Facelift (Comic)

The ever evolving Facebook platform has left many confused and more than a few laughing.


Facebook’s Facelift Means Big Changes for Marketers

Every time Facebook makes a move marketers can expect to be following closely behind. One of these major moves announced last week is an improved Open Graph, which allows users to watch video, listen to music and read news together.


How To: Make Mobile Conversions Easier

While mobile content consumption continues to increase by as much double-digit growth in all major categories in the U.S. in 2011, designers are building their websites with mobile conversions at the top of their plans.

Web form a against web form b

Web Form A/B Testing: How I Increased Form Fills by 37%

Increasing form fills for any website can mean the difference between success and failure. If it’s lead generation you are after try a few A/B Testing tricks.


Online ROI is Bottom Line at SMX East 2011

Search Engine Expo (SMX) East in New York City once again proves it is a valuable resource for anyone trying to optimize online business efforts.


Google+ is Talk of the Town During SMX East 2011

Google was the primary topic of discussion at SMX East Conference in New York City this week and the event provided numerous insights on Google+ and how search marketers can take advantage of the company’s new social network.

Google Employee 59

4 Business Lessons I learned from Google Employee Number 59

In a little more than a decade Google has morphed from afterthought search engine into a global brand behemoth bigger than Disney, GE and maybe even Coca-Cola. In fact, the company that started out


SMX East Buzzes About Panda, Google+ and Privacy Issues

The first day of the Search Marketing Expo East 2011 in New York City created plenty of excitement with Google, of course, being the topic of much conversation.


How To: Build an Effective Email Content Strategy

Email marketing can be highly targeted and its results are relatively easy to track. However, many companies end up driving their users away by using poor etiquette and not thinking about the needs of the target audience.

Multi-Channel-Funnels (1)

New Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Increasing Conversion Opportunities

Measurement is fundamental to ROI-focused marketing and tools such as Google Analytics provide Web solutions that can offer rich insights into website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

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