B2B Mobile Apps

12 Best B2B Mobile Apps for Managing Your Business on the Go

Managing a B2B business can be difficult – but it doesn’t have to be when you have these 12 mobile apps for B2B business.

Audience Segmentation Blue Fountain Media

How Audience Segmentation Helps Build a Digital Strategy

While effectively targeting a high-converting audience isn’t rocket science, there’s a method to it that can be tested and replicated. Here are four secrets to building a digital strategy driven by target marketing.


How to Create an Emergency Alert System For Any Website

For any business, designing emergency alerts that are intended for unforeseen potential crisis situations are important to an effective communications plan.

Tips from Digital Marketing Experts Blue Fountain Media

Top 10 Tips from Digital Marketing Consultants

The top digital marketing consultants from around the web discuss some of their top tips to help effectively grow your online business the right way.

50 Shades of Web Design

50 Shades of Grey: 50 Website Designs That Forgo the Splashy Colors

When creating sophisticated web design, having the biggest color palette isn’t always an advantage. Here are 50 fantastic examples of web design that shuns color in favor of black, white and grey.

Tiffany 1 Hour SEO Audit Blue Fountain Media

1 Hour SEO Audit Challenge: Tiffany & Co.

Businesses should look at other websites in order to find ways to improve their SEO. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we take a look at the Tiffany & Co. website.


How to Use LinkedIn to Find Your Company a Perfect New Hire

Finding the right employees for your business can be tough. Our HR Team gives some insights into how to use LinkedIn’s Recruiter Tool to solve this problem.

Why a Content Team Could be a Great Addition to Your Business

Why a Content Team Could Be a Great Addition to Your Business

A content team that consistently adds value could take your online business to the next level – find out why in our new blog post.

Brand Consistency

How to Integrate Website Design Into Email and Social Media

Integrating your website design into your email and social media marketing collateral can add extra layers of trust that can lead to more sales for your business.

Digital Strategy ROI

Why a Good Digital Marketing Strategy is Key to a Good ROI

Starting an online marketing campaign without a clear strategy is a surefire recipe for chaos. Our new blog post explores some of the best ways to a good strategy will help your business achieve positive ROI.

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