How To Find Social Media Influencers and Build Engagement

How do you find social media influencers and build engagement with them online? Read our latest blog post to learn tips for reaching a wider audience.

Halloween Shopping Infographic

Halloween Shopping: How American Adults Prefer to Buy Online

How do Americans adults purchase everything they need for Halloween? Our new survey and infographic shed some light on habits during this spooky holiday.


How To Increase App Downloads and Improve Mobile App Ranking

Improving mobile app rankings can be difficult. Read our latest blog post to learn how to increase app downloads for your business.

Top Email Campaigns - Featured Image

Best of the Inbox Awards: Top 8 Email Campaigns of 2015

Coming up with new techniques for your email marketing campaigns can be challenging. Take a look at our list of some of the most creative and engaging campaigns from the past year.

Blog - Redesign Homepage to Improve Conversion Rate

How a Homepage Redesign Improved Our Conversion Rate by 42.9%

Homepage redesigns can be challenging, but it can definitely pay off when done correctly. Here’s how we increased our homepage’s conversion rate by 42.9%.


Sitecore vs. Magento: A Detailed Website Platform Comparison

What kind of CMS does your website need? Take a look at our comparison of Sitecore and Magento to understand the basics of both and find the best fit for your brand.

BFM MObile v App

Mobile Website vs. Native App vs. Mobile Web App

The decision to go with a native app, responsive design or a mobile web app really depends on several factors including business objectives, technical requirements, budgets and who you’re trying to reach. If you want to know which is best for your business, read this article!

VampFangs Featured Image

1 Hour SEO Audit Challenge: VampFangs

Search engine optimization is key for businesses seeking to improve their online presence. In this month’s 1 Hour SEO audit, we take a look at


Top 10 Digital Advertising Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

We asked top digital marketing experts to share their best advice to effectively implement digital advertising into overall marketing strategies.


Mobile Friendly Design: Best Practices for UX & Conversions

What are the best practices for websites with a mobile friendly design? Read our blog post to learn how to generate more conversions on your mobile site.

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