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5 Things To Know About Invalid Clicks on AdWords Campaigns

There could be numerous reasons (including invalid clicks) that your AdWords budget is being depleted too soon.


Online Marketing vs. Offline Advertising: Where to Invest

We compare the ROI on online marketing vs. offline advertising to help determine which channels will make the most out of your budget, and successfully reach the right audience for your business.


Top 10 Digital Advertising Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

We asked top digital marketing experts to share their best advice to effectively implement digital advertising into overall marketing strategies.

The Future of Online Advertising

Best Online Advertising Techniques Beyond PPC Campaigns

We spotlight a few examples of online marketing techniques outside of search engine marketing and how they’ve helped brands grow.

PPC Mistakes Featured Image

Top 12 Mistakes Companies Make When Thinking About PPC

Avoiding mistakes with your business’ PPC campaigns can save you money. Here are the top mistakes you need to make sure you’re not making.

How to Learn PPC Featured Image

Pay-Per-Click Fundamentals: How to Learn PPC on Adwords

How do you go about getting started with AdWords without wasting money on poorly structured campaigns? Our new video blog post investigates some of the best strategies.

How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

How to Create Great Landing Pages That Convert

How do you create a great landing page where people actually convert? We explore some best practices in our new video.

4 Ways PPC Marketing is Changing in 2014

4 Ways PPC Marketing is Changing in 2014

In order to make sure your PPC campaigns are staying up to date and as effective as possible, take note of these 4 ways it is changing in 2014.

Generating More Leads Using Remarketing in 2014

Generating More Leads Using Remarketing in 2014

Remarketing is a great way to generate more leads and build better brand recognition for your business in 2014.

Is Your PPC Advertising Cannibalizing Organic Traffic?

Are You Cannibalizing Organic Traffic with Branded PPC Advertising?

Paid branded ads can help increase profitability, website traffic, and enable more control over messaging and timing. Read on to learn how to determine the effectiveness of buying branded keywords and how they can work hand-in-hand with SEO efforts.

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