Targeting Your Ideal Customer at BFM Expert Series Seminar

On February 13th, Blue Fountain Media hosted its second seminar of the BFM Expert series at the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue. The seminar, entitled "Targeting Your Ideal Customer", included a keynote address from IBM's director of digital marketing and presentations from BFM's senior marketers. Topics of discussion focused on cutting-edge marketing techniques for 2013 and beyond. Below, you can find photos, videos, and presentations from throughout the day.

Leslie IBM

Leslie Reiser, Director of Digital Marketing at IBM, delivers the seminar's keynote address.


Alhan Keser

Blue Fountain Media's Alhan Keser presents "13 Online Marketing Trends for 2013".


Alanna Francis

Alanna Franics, BFM's Marketing Director, discusses innovative social media campaigns beyond Twitter & Facebook.


IBM's Leslie Reiser delivers her keynote address


"13 Online Marketing Trends for 2013" presented by Alhan Keser.


"Innovations in User Behavior Display Advertising" presented by Marketing Manager, David Dweck.


"Beyond Twitter & Facebook: Innovative Social Media Campaigns" presented by Marketing Director, Alanna Franics.

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