Above the Fold

What is Above the Fold?

A web design term that refers to the placement of valuable information on a page that doesn’t require the user to scroll down to view. This phrase originates from the placement of stories in newspapers, which are typically folded in half.The stories that are above the fold are considered to be of greater importance because they are the first thing readers will see when purchasing a newspaper.

When in reference to a web page, the actual area that is above the fold is up for debate due to variation in browser size. When publishing content online it is important to consider what is placed above the fold. This is the content that will be the most read and it will also have a considerable impact on bounce rates. If a visitor is interested by the content above the fold it is likely they will remain on the website. Irrelevant or uninteresting content above the fold will drive away visitors. Below is an image of our website’s above the fold in Chrome.

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