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We build websites, apps, and mobile experiences that exemplify credibility and trust critical in the medical industry.

  • Our clients include hospitals, private medical practices, specialists, and many others in the medical field.
  • We can provide your patients and partners with website that educates and inspires confidence in your staff, services, and facilities.
  • Grow your medical business with our online marketing services to stay competitive in your vertical.

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Our designers are experts at creating elegant websites that will capture the essence of your brand.


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Spine & Sports Medicine

New York Bone and Joint

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Blue Fountain Media transformed our website into a vital part of our sales efforts, then tailored a search engine optimization campaign, which has doubled our traffic from a year ago. This is a quick, effective team that really cares for their clients' success.

Dr. Robin Baradarian, MD


Its truly been a pleasure working with Blue Fountain Media.

They are always available and answer any questions we have promptly. They did an excellent job setting up our site and I would highly recommend them to others looking for a design and development team.

Laboratory/QC Manager

Poly Scientific R&D Corp

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Elements of a Results Driven
Medical Website Design:

Establishes Trust and Credibility

When preparing a website design for a medical practice, it is extremely important to ensure that the design conveys an immediate, calming sense of trust and credibility. From a design perspective, this can be accomplished by presenting a soothing tone comprised of a calm color pallet and soft imagery. A predominantly placed phone number and address of your medical practice can also contribute to a greater sense of trust and reliability.

Highlighting the medical practice's physicians can also bridge a connection with your site visitors by showing them the real faces behind the practice. Featured images and bios of your practice's physicians can act as one of the strongest trust building elements to a medical website design.

A well supported "about us" page can also reinforce this trust building content by reiterating credentials and professional experience.

Is Approachable and Actionable

Upon landing on a medical website, users will quickly want to be informed as to whether or not your practice accommodates their needs. An effective medical website design will clearly state the services and procedures that the practice offers. Unique service pages that outline, in detail, what each procedure or service entails, can also address any specific concerns or questions that a potential patient may have. From there, each service page must be actionable and direct users to an end goal that is likely to include contacting or scheduling an appointment. By taking steps to be more approachable online, your practice can effectively convey to patients why they should not only choose you for their medical needs but also remain loyal patients in the future.

Is Optimized for Conversions

Ultimately, in order for a medical website to be successful, it must be results-driven and actually generate business and appointments for your medical practice. In order to do this, the website's design must include clear calls to action for users to contact the practice or book an appointment. Typically, it is best to include a seamless conversion process that does not operate on poorly integrated 3rd party appointment scheduling software. Often, the implementation of a 3rd party scheduling platform can cause a disconnected feeling for the user and lead them to abandon the process. Again, in these instances it is extremely helpful to include a predominantly placed phone number in case these concerns arise in your online scheduling system.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

Just because your business might be one of the best in terms of what it actually provides doesn't necessarily mean that your website will automatically pull in new leads and help generate revenue. In order to guarantee that your online presence is as profitable as possible, a certain measure of ongoing search engine optimization is required. Verifying that your website is constantly putting out new content about your practice and the field it operates in to stay current is important when trying to stay relevant in the fast-moving online world. To not do so will mean that your business will fall behind others that take the time to update and create new content for their webpages. Whether this means writing a blog for your practice about interesting things your practice is doing or publishing new website content like customer testimonials, taking the time to optimize your site is important in order to make sure your target audience can find you when they search for your business.


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