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Call to Action Wording Best Practices

Call to Action Wording - Best Practices

You may have heard that it’s important to have a “call to action” on your website. That’s the big button or link meant to get visitors to complete a “goal” such as fill out a contact form or make a purchase. When properly designed and placed on a page, a call to action can have a tremendously positive impact on your business. And most website owners appear to have understood this concept.

What is often overlooked is its wording. In many cases, the call to action is two steps ahead of the visitor.

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Golf Worm

Developed group coupon-buying functionality for daily golf deals.

Implemented splash landing page design for optimized lead capture.

Designed modern watermark backdrop design to distinguish the site from the competition

Golf Worm negotiates group discounts with local golf merchants for their products and/or services and provides these discounts to the consumer.

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On the web, it doesn’t really matter if the statements are true or false. Once they are published online, they are picked up by the search engines. It is a sad fact of doing business in the age of the Internet.
How do you fight back?

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What to Look for When Hiring


No matter what size your business, hiring decisions are among the most important decisions you will ever make. Every new hire is an investment in time, effort and money. A great hire can help take your business to the next level. A bad hire can cost you much more than money.

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Watch Our Webinar: 4 Elements of a Results-Driven Website

Webinar Youtube

On April 20th, Gabriel Shaoolian hosted a free online seminar that covered the essentials of a "results-driven" website. A recording of this informational seminar can be seen on Youtube if you were unable to attend the live session.

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