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How To: Manage Google+ Pages
with New Tools & Controls

After introducing Google+ Pages as a way to provide businesses the ability to build a public identity on Google+, the company has been busy tweaking the platform and recently added new tools and controls - Multiple Administrators and Ownership Transfer, Notification Settings and Unified +1 & Circle Count - to help better manage these pages.

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Site Launch: Pylones

Synchronized client's CMS to manage two separate front end sites for seamless product management

Integrated custom database & warehouse solution into CMS

Created unique and colorful design to support the client's brand

Pylones, founded in France in 1985, creates unique products with twists on everyday objects and fun designs

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December 2011 Highlights

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The 15 Minute SEO Audit

A full SEO audit with a broad analysis on keywords, links, and on-site optimization can take days to complete. However, you don't always have that kind of time. The trick to a speedy audit is to know what to look for and what tools, other than analytics, are at your disposal.

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5 Tips for Creating a Better Mobile-Friendly Site

Every day more users are looking for your content from somewhere other than a desktop. So do you really want to deliver a mobile experience that at best replicates the desktop version?

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The Battle of
Geo-Location Services

Foursquare and Yelp started in different directions - the former starting as a geo-location with a side of gamification and the latter as a review service - but as time passed these companies' services have become quite similar. This recent connection between the two has led to a rivalry of sorts.

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