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Enhance your non-profit online with results-oriented websites and mobile applications customized to your cause.

  • We understand the nuances of non-profit conversions, whether it's volunteer recruitment, donation and grant sourcing, or press placement.
  • Our projects are designed to resonate strongly with target audiences, educating and impassioning them to your mission.
  • Launch a digital solution that complements your organization's calling so you can focus on truly making a difference.

Non-Profit Website Samples

Our designers are experts at creating elegant websites that will capture the essence of your brand.


Before & After Website Redesigns

Our designers are experts at creating elegant websites that will capture the essence of your brand.

Girl Scouts of Greater New York

Girl Scouts of Greater New York

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Case Studies

Web design, development and marketing results we've achieved

New York Organ Donor Network

The New York Organ Donor Network, with the help of Blue Fountain Media, were able to simplify and consolidate their registration forms and substantially increase their website traffic.

  • 50% increase in site traffic from search engines
  • 320% increase in keywords appearing on page 1 of Google
  • Monthly newsletter updates donors and supporters with news and events
  • Language translation tool localizes the website for chinese & spanish speaking visitors
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Cook For Your Life

Cook For Your Life, a recipe resource for those touched by cancer, sees tremendous traffic and branding results through social media marketing, search engine optimization, and a new non-profit website design.

  • Increased site engagement and monthly conversions by over 9,000%
  • Increased non-branded search traffic by 1,070%
  • Increased direct traffic by 125%
  • Increased engaged facebook users by 95%
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Blue Fountain Media Reviews - Tweezerman

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A successful
Non-Profit Website Should:

Turn Visitors into Advocates

One of the primary objectives of any non-profit website design is to turn site visitors into ambassadors for your cause. One of the best ways to do this is through heavy use of social media integration, which will increase word of mouth influence. While it is important to make sure that navigation and answers to basic questions about your organization are clear, using social media integration in tandem with calls to action on your site is a great opportunity to garner even more organic support and followers. Make sure social buttons on your site are visible and not hidden in the header or footer of the page so that audiences are motivated by your website to actually use them. Providing content that people can post to Facebook, Tweet, Pin or otherwise share with others is important because it allows your followers the opportunity to advocate on your behalf, promote ideas and share your content using their social media channels. Social media is a fantastic way to spread the word about your non-profit among audiences who might be unreachable through more established forms of PR like press releases.

Provide Thought Provoking Content

Your site should be full of powerful photography and videos that appeals to an audience's emotions while being supplemented with text that clearly tells your non-profit's story and brings context to your images. Never forget that a single stunning photograph on your website can be all it takes to prompt enough of an emotional response in visitors to get them involved with your cause, sharing your message and donating. Professional photography should be utilized whenever available to make sure that your visual content is high enough quality to emotionally resonate with your audience. Content should be updated as often as possible to keep the site fresh, but featuring sliders and slideshows throughout the website will allow you to re-package existing content that is relevant to your cause and present it more effectively. Click through rates of content in specialized sliders is generally significantly higher than click through rates on other parts of the site, even for content which has been hosted on the site for longer periods of time. It is also always helpful to clarify what exactly your non-profit does by providing easy-to-read infographics that lay out general information about your charity and let people know how exactly they can help your organization achieve your goals.

Feature Clear Calls to Action

Making it easy for your audience to navigate through your website, learn more about your cause, get informed about the issues you are trying to solve and get passionate about wanting to donate their money is one of (if not the) the most important parts of a non-profit web design. A user pathway to your conversion goal should be clearly defined and monitored so that if your donation rates fall you can easily identify what part of the conversion process is making people give up trying to donate. Your donation button needs to be clearly marked and attention grabbing as well as constantly available no matter where people might navigate on your website. A great way to keep a donation button constantly visible is to have it scroll along with your audience so that even below a website's fold, the button is easily seen by your audience. Understanding that the audiences visiting a nonprofit website have very different intentions than people visiting an ecommerce site is important to recognize when developing a Non-Profit Website Design. Your call to action should spell out to audiences what a donation does for the organization and give a roadmap for where a donor's money will end up going towards furthering your cause.

Include a Responsive Design

Another layout opportunity that should never be overlooked with a non-profit website design is the chance to create a responsive website layout. Doing so will make your website look great to audiences no matter what device they may connect to your website from. This is particularly pertinent to non-profits because it allows you to target active people who spend most of their time on their mobile phones or tablets. These are the people that are often involved in the world around them and who might already be investing their time in the non-profit sector – the perfect people to spread the word about your cause.


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