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Cold Email Outreach: 8 Tips To Improve Your Email Campaign Results

In his latest article for Forbes, Blue Fountain Media's Founder shares tips to enhance the performance of sales emails

Lead generation is the first step of any sales process, and it comes in all forms. Learn how to improve your qualified leads with tips on how to improve

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5 Simple Fixes To Improve Your Email Marketing and Generate Results

In his column for Huffington Post, Blue Fountain Media's Founder shares tips for creating effective email marketing campaigns

Email marketing provides brands with an opportunity to communicate with their audience at a place they frequently visit--their mailbox. Learn how to make the most of your email marketing campaigns by following these 5 tips.

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Before And After Website Design

Getting more conversions out of Jennifer Convertibles' ecommerce site

A website redesign can completely improve the conversion rate for websites online. In his column for Forbes, Blue Fountain Media's Founder Gabriel Shaoolian, highlights an example of how a website redesign could improve a popular furniture store's online

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The Relationship Between Designers and Developers

Featured in UX Magazine, Blue Fountain Media's Head of Design shares her best advice for the collaboration between design and development teams.

Collaboration is essential for any web design project. With different skills working together, effective designs can completely help transform businesses online.

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Effective Banner Designs: Real World Examples

Founder of Blue Fountain Media, Gabriel Shaoolian, offers up advice to Delta on how to improve their banner advertisements.

In his column for Forbes, Blue Fountain Media's Founder uses real world examples to highlight how some simple improvements could play a massive role in improving business online.

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Responsive Sites vs. Mobile Apps

Which is right for your company?

Making the decision to go mobile is easy--it's where a significant portion of ALL users are. However, what mobile option is right for your brand? Blue Fountain Media's Founder, Gabriel Shaoolian, shares his advice for determining which mobile route is bes

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Should Your Small Business Create a Snapchat Geofilter?

Social media marketing grows, and so do the opportunities

Is Snapchat the right move for your marketing campaign? Learn more about Blue Fountain Media's experience with the social platform's latest feature in AdWeek's article.

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Brands and agencies are already experimenting with on-demand Snapchat geofilters

Blue Fountain Media tests out Snapchat's latest feature.

For marketers everywhere, Snapchat on-demand filters can hold a lot of promise. Learn more about how to use them most effectively in Digiday.

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Web Design Optimization Techniques

How can you increase conversions for your brand?

In order to grow your business online, you must convert the traffic that lands on your website. Founder of Blue Fountain Media, Gabriel Shaoolian, highlights the most effective ways to increase conversion rates online in his latest article for Huffington

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2016 Instagram Resolutions

How to win on Instagram this year

As one of the top social platforms today, it's important brands stay up-to-date on how to most effectively reach users through Instagram. Our Associate Director of Engagement Marketing highlights her favorite tips in an article featured on Social Media To

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The March Madness Winner is Duke (according to the data)

The team of digital experts at Blue Fountain Media have created their own version of a March Madness bracket--but with a social media focus.

Instead of taking picks based on skills, our team looked at the social media presence of the best college basketball teams to create our pick at who would win the big game.

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3 Social Media Tips from March Madness Teams

Which teams will make it the furthest in March Madness, but from a social media perspective?

During one of the most important time of the year for college sports, our team at Blue Fountain Media analyzed social media skills in addition to on-court performance.

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How to Make Your Online Business Reflect Your Offline Store

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian explains online and offline brand consistency

Expanding digitally with an online presence can create more revenue for your offline brick-and-mortar business. However, as CEO Gabriel Shaoolian discusses, your online and offline business need to complement each other with a consistent branding effort.

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New Infographic a Reminder of the Marketing Magic of Valentines’ Day

Through a creative infographic, our team at Blue Fountain Media highlight critical statistics to know about user spending.

Understanding the user behavior and spending habits behind your target audience is critical. By analyzing important consumer insights surrounding Valentine's Day, brands can better target their marketing based on the respective needs of users.

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How To Recover From A PR Crisis

5 Steps To Help You Navigate Your PR Storm

For a lot of companies, a PR crisis can be damaging. Learn from one of our Digital PR Experts at Blue Fountain Media how to prepare for any PR crisis your brand could face.

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Online Valentine’s Day sales hit their sweet, peak spot

How can understanding consumer spending on Valentine's Day improve your ROI? Learn more in our infographic featured on Internet Retailer.

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Making Mobile Decisions

How do you know if a mobile app or a responsive website is right for your brand?

In his column for Huffington Post, Founder of Blue Fountain Media, Gabriel Shaoolian, answers some simple questions to make it easier to identify what mobile option is best for your brand.

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What To Know Before Starting A Web Redesign

4 essentials you must focus on

Starting a website redesign project can be intimidating. In an article featured on iMedia Connection, Gabriel Shaoolian points out which elements to focus on during this strategic process.

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Valentine's Day By The Numbers

The American Marketing Association has used findings from a Blue Fountain Media infographic to create a fun and creative video about consumer spending.

Valentine's Day is a big day for most brands--especially those in the retail industry. Take a look at some of the statistics we've put together in the American Marketing Association's latest video.

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The Value of A Website Strategy

Blue Fountain Media's Founder, Gabriel Shaoolian, discusses the importance of a cohesive website strategy in his Huffington Post column.

A website strategy is essential. In order to create a website that is effective and garners results, you need a strong website strategy before you begin development and design.

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