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Blue Fountain Media and its resident web design, development and online marketing experts have gotten
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Instagram Advertising: Understanding The Basics

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian explains how the social platform can help your business

In one of his most recent contributions to The Huffington Post, Gabriel Shaoolian shares a complete guide to advertising on Instagram, which includes all the essentials to integrate this platform into your brand's strategic marketing approach.

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7 Creative Link-Building Techniques to Improve Your Website SEO

Director of Corporate Marketing, Austin Paley, offers advice for generating links to your website

Austin Paley and a panel of other experts highlight the most effective tactics for collecting links to your website, a key ranking factor for SEO.

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8 Tips for Creating Mobile-Ready Content

Director of Corporate Marketing, Austin Paley, contributes advice for content creation on mobile devices

Mobile marketing is essential for all businesses and content marketing is a key aspect to focus on. Blue Fountain Media's Director of Corporate Marketing discusses the importance of font choice and calls-to-action when it comes to mobile-friendly content.

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How to Make Your Online Business Reflect Your Offline Store

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian explains online and offline brand consistency

Expanding digitally with an online presence can create more revenue for your offline brick-and-mortar business. However, as CEO Gabriel Shaoolian discusses, your online and offline business need to complement each other with a consistent branding effort.

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5 Offline Tactics That Will Sharpen Your Online Presence

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian provides his favorite tips for business leaders

In an article featured on Upstart Business Journal, Gabriel Shaoolian shares offline tactics for entrepreneurs to improve their online presence, such as stepping away from the screen.

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Mobile Website Checklist: How to Ensure a Great User-Experience

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian shares tips for creating an effective mobile website

CEO & Founder of Blue Fountain Media, Gabriel Shaoolian providers readers with a mobile website checklist to help brands ensure they're offering the best user-experience possible when their visiting your site from a mobile device.

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What’s Your Organic Reach?

Associate Director of Engagement Marketing, Kate Endres, explains how to create strong content on social media

Blue Fountain Media's Associate Director of Engagement Marketing shares tactics that brands can integrate into their social media strategy to extend the organic reach of the content they post.

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Building A Business Website

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian contributes tips for building a new website

Gabriel Shaoolian, along with several esteemed website design experts, offer tips to business owners looking to build a new version of their website.

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Top 7 Reasons People Unsubscribe from Your Email List

Director of Corporate Marketing, Austin Paley, discusses email marketing

Blue Fountain Media's Director of Corporate Marketing shares with CIO his thoughts on why many users unsubscribe from emails and what brands can do to reduce the likelihood of this occurrence.

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With Online Halloween Shopping, There’s No Disguising the Generation Gap

Internt Retailer highlights findings from a recent Blue Fountain Media survey

To help businesses better understand Halloween shoppers Blue Fountain Media conducted a study to identify relevant consumer trends.

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The Art of Polishing Your Online Persona

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian explains how to create a positive impression

Your high school career is coming to an end and college is already on the horizon. You've worked hard all these years, putting together a terrific academic record that will hopefully lead to acceptance to the college of your choice.

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CEO Gabriel Shaoolian's "Site Analysis" in the New York Times

Read his columns critiquing business websites

In a recurring feature on the You're the Boss blog, Gabriel evaluates businesses' online goals, discusses how their website and online marketing are performing currently, and offers advice and opportunities for improvement.

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Making Money Through Your Company Website

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian is featured on Bloomberg TV's "Taking Stock"

During his interview on Taking Stock, CEO Gabriel Shaoolian highlights a few essential elements for any website, whether a start up or a fortune500 company, to be successful and profitable.

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Head of NY Development Mike Ricotta Featured on CNBC's "Power Lunch"

Head of NY Development Mike Ricotta discusses problems with the website

During a series of interviews on CNBC's "Power Lunch" Mike Ricotta discusses the problems with the new website and what can be done to fix it.

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Turns out Sunday's the Best Day to Buy Airfare

Gabriel Shaoolian is Featured on ABC News

A study released this week from the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) found that Sunday -- not Tuesday, as is the commonly-held belief -- is the least expensive day to purchase airfare. Saturday is also preferable to Tuesday when it comes to cheaper pr

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CEO Gabriel Shaoolian's Columns in the American Express Open Forum

Read his articles discussing methods for improving your small business

In a frequent AmEx Open column, Gabriel provides helpful advice and insights for today's entrepreneur.

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10 Steps for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian Is Featured on Fox

During his interview on Fox News Live, Gabriel Shaoolian talks about 10 steps job hunters can take to optimize their LinkedIn profile in order to find employment.

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25 Web Design Tips to Honor 25 Years of The Web

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian Is Featured on Forbes

When the internet emerged more than 25 years ago, the first websites were akin to a magical land of unicorns and casinos, resplendent with scrolling marquee text, flashing lights and bright sparkles.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Website

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian Offers 5 Strategies to Improve Your Website

As the face of your company to the world, a good website is a must-have for your business. Here’s how to make it both attractive and functional for you and your audience

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How to Select the Best Digital Agency for Your Online Business

CEO Gabriel Shaoolian Discusses How to Select The Best Digital Agency For Your Business

For today’s successful business, online image and performance is becoming increasingly important in a world where everything is becoming digital. Choosing the wrong digital agency can cost you time and money – and worst of all, lost growth opportunities.

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