Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Engage and expand your audience across the web with social media marketing.

  • Target influencers in your niche.
  • Increase word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Stay on top of conversations about your industry and company.
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Sample SMM Results

We place brands in touch with their audience. Our campaigns can be short or long term.

New York Organ Donor Network
New York Organ Donor Network

The New York Organ Donor Network, with the help of Blue Fountain Media, were able to simplify and consolidate their registration forms and substantially increase their website traffic.

New York Organ Donor Network Social Media Graph

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Tristan Clopet
Tristan Clopet

Singer-Songwriter Tristan Clopet has found thousands of new listeners thanks to our social media work on YouTube.

Tristan Clopet Social Media Campaign

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Young Survival Coalition
Young Survival Coalition

With a new and flexible online platform, Young Survival Coalition establish an informative online resource for young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Young Survival Coalition Social Media Graph

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With the help of a pre-launch splash page as well as targeted social media and pay-per-click campaigns, daily deal site Dealyst is able to generate a large volume of leads at a low cost-per-acquisition.

Dealyst Social Media Graph

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Social Media Process

Our social media marketing process ensures that your business gets a social media marketing campaign
specific tailored with your businesses goals in mind


Learn about the client’s business, website, social presence, and competitors in order to provide clear documentation to be used throughout all other stages of the project.

Project Brief

Define client information & business goals along with all required information to properly complete discovery process

Audience Research

Use ad tools to identify audience sizes based on keywords, interests, and influencers

Social Audit

Create baseline for current social performance based on analytics data

Competitive Analysis

Define social competitors, and the networks they’re active on, based on industry keyword search and client interviews


Create a comprehensive SMM strategy and project plan that clearly outlines deliverables and measurable business goals for social media profiles and sharable content

Profile Strategy

Document actionable plan to develop or optimize profiles across networks

Engagement Strategy

Create rules for engaging with users in and out of the client’s social community. Develop plan to reach out to influencers to leverage their networks for content distribution

Measurement Planning

Document measurable short-term and long-term goals to evaluate campaign performance

Content Strategy

Create schedule of content to be created and posted by network and/or profile

Advertising Strategy (optional)

Develop an advertising plan and budget for appropriate networks. Make sure to define the objective of each portion of the plan (community growth, community engagement, lead generation, conversions, etc..)

Campaign Execution

Implement recommendations from the Profile Strategy & Content Strategy

Content Implementation

Following the content strategy and BFM Social Best Practices, distribute content to the appropriate networks

Advertising Implementation

Implement the advertising campaigns following the advertising strategy, adjust if necessary to client budget

Community Management

Following the engagement strategy, interact with users and influencers across networks

Analysis & Reporting

Provide regular reporting that includes analysis of campaign performance, KPIs, and goal tracking and adjust project plan based on results

Monthly Performance Report

Document current standing of goals, campaign metrics, tasks completed, and plan for the following month

Quarterly Review

Comprehensive overview of campaign and adjustments to the project plan based on the results achieved


We Leverage Social Media to Engage Your Audience and Increase Sales

Social media campaigns improve your standing on search engines like Google, they enhance your brand, they sell your products, they drive traffic to your website and they can help you gain new customers and serve current customers.

Engage Customers Through Meaningful Conversations

Engage Customers in Meaningful Conversations

Businesses can't afford to be arrogant. In the age of social media, businesses must be open to discussions with their customers. It is important to find out what they like, what they hate and what fresh ideas they may have.

Provide Fast, Reliable Customer Service

Provide Instantaneous Customer Service

Social media allows companies to instantaneously deal with customer service issues. This can be done directly, by offering clear channels for customers to register complaints, concerns and suggestions. This can also be done proactively, by monitoring what people are saying about your brand online.

Engage Vistiors by Making it Easy for Them To Contribute Content

Engage Visitors by Having them Contribute Content

Another way of engaging the public is to have them contribute "content" to the social media site. A great example of this is Burberry, which created the "Art of the Trench" website to engage customers and potential customers.

Use Social Media to Provide Exclusive Offers & Discounts

Use SM to Provide Exclusive Offers & Discounts

People are always looking for deals and social media gives businesses an opportunity to provide exclusive promotions to their most loyal cusomters. Not only do you reach a captive audience with each offering, you can measure the success of the campaign by having it exclusive to social media.

Use Social Media to Put a Human Face on a Big Company

Put a Human Face on a Big Company

Huge corporations can seem monolithic and impersonal to the general public. By putting a human face on a company, you can strip away the wall and make yourself far more accessible to the general public.

Social Media Integration

Another great advantage of Pay Per Click advertising is the flexibility it offers in terms of delivery. There are a number of PPC techniques you can use to create an audience that is most likely to be your target audience:

Keyword Targeting

Easily share content through Twitter, Facebook, and hundreds of other Web 2.0 websites

Keyword Targeting

Effortlessly create site accounts and logins with Facebook Open Graph

Keyword Targeting

Quickly create bookmarks to your site through use of readily available social media tools

Keyword Targeting

Leverage influential capabilities of social media by integrating Facebook on ecommerce websites

Examples of Social Media Integration

Account Login / Registration

  • Facebook Connect / Open Graph
  • Google Connect
  • Twitter Connect
  • OpenID

Community Building

  • Facebook Friend Connect
  • Google Friend Connect

Onsite Content

  • Twitter Status RSS Feeds
  • Google Profile
  • Facebook Profile Badge

Examples of Social Media Integration


A women's online magazine wishes to better connect its users to each other and make it easier for them to login and share stories and comments with the rest of the world.


Blue Fountain Media integrates both Twitter Connect & Facebook Connect (now called Open Graph) to allow users to log in using either system. Now readers can easily "Like" stories, notifying their friend automatically. Readers can also connect with other Facebook users who read similar stories.


An ecommerce website wishes to use Twitter as a means to broadcast to the world new products which are added to the online store.


Blue Fountain Media integrates Twitter into the back-end of the website so that anytime a new product is added to the website, the administrator has the option of updating Twitter with a custom message about the new product.


Common SMM Mistakes

The whole idea of social media marketing can be a bit overwhelming. People are connected to each other more than ever on social media platforms, creating conversation about your brand and industry. As a result, there are many choices as well as misconceptions.

Common SMM Mistakes 1 Ignoring It All Together

Ignoring It All Together

Social networks and blogs are the 4th most popular online activities online, including beating personal email. 67% of global users visit member communities and 10% of all time spent on the internet is on social media sites. On a daily basis, individuals are talking about your brand, so companies better listen.

Common SMM Mistakes 2 Assuming Social Media is Cheap and Fast

Assuming Social Media is A Cheap And Fast "Miracle Pill"

Entrepreneurs want everything (brand awareness, recall, more word of mouth, more business) and they want it fast. Digital market takes patience and timing. You can’t join an online social network and derive any value from it unless you take the time to meet the right people, connect, share, build, and grow.

Common SMM Mistakes 3 Assuming That Anyone is Capable of Maintaining A Social Media Campaign

Assuming That Any Kid Who Grew Up With The Internet Is Capable of Devising, Executing And Maintaining A Social Media Campaign

It's not about technology or if you grew up in the digital age (even though you may have an upper-hand) but about effective strategy. There is no one size fits all, and ultimately it’s not about "What are we doing in XXX social media network?" but about why should you be in that social media network. It’s about choosing YouTube over Facebook or focusing on a blog instead of Twitter. It’s about adding value to your consumer and where they "reside" digitally.

Industry Whitepapers & Market Insights

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View our free, informational whitepapers that offer professional advice and helpful tips in the field of web design and online marketing.


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