Meet Our Team

Big company experience, small company feel.

We take your business seriously, but don't take ourselves too seriously. We become close friends with our clients and forge family bonds among each other. We value the mutual, long-lasting respect that comes from doing business together and hope you do too.

We’re Hiring!

Become part of a team that cares about the quality of its work and the quality of life.

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  • Gabriel Shaoolian CEO & Founder
  • Tatyana Khamdamova Director of Design
  • Ralph Marino Chief Financial Officer
  • Roman Shekin Director of Development
  • Bobby Graziose Senior Business Consultant
  • David Gisonno Business Consultant
  • Jeffrey Aaron Business Consultant
  • Kristin Bergstol Sales Coordinator Manager
  • Lauren Amorini Senior Administrative Coordinator
  • Matthew Smith Senior Business Consultant
  • Christopher Mohs Senior Creative Strategist
  • James McCrae Senior Creative Strategist
  • Mitali Banerjee Creative Strategist
  • Nataliya Platin Information Architect
  • Susan Birnbaum Fisher Information Architect
  • Dennis Mirovsky Senior Web Designer
  • Fabio Redivo Web Designer
  • Helen Lai Web Designer
  • Jordyn Ferri Web Designer
  • Irina Likhashkina Senior Web Designer
  • Liya Osepaishvili Senior Web Designer
  • Ashley Kemper Senior Marketing Strategist
  • Crystal Grandison Marketing Manager
  • Dan Morosi Marketing Specialist
  • Joe DiNardo Marketing Director
  • Rishe Groner Marketing Strategist
  • Pablo Andres Cabezas Video Director
  • Jennifer Friedman Talent Acquisitions
  • Ryan Brady Senior Web & Systems Administrator
  • Samantha Lambert Director of Human Resources
  • Sara Cotillard Controller
  • Bryan Mytko Web Developer
  • Michael Ricotta Director of Development (EST Team)
  • Alex Drakin Senior Front-End Developer
  • Alex Nechay Front-End Developer
  • Alex Smolyaninov Senior Front-End Developer
  • Andrey Kobzev Senior PHP Developer
  • Andrey Maslov Front-End Developer
  • Eugenia Bortnik PHP Developer
  • Ilya Guy PHP Developer
  • Iryna Korzhova Project Manager
  • Konstantin Samorodov Senior PHP Developer
  • Max Shaev Senior PHP Developer
  • Mike Kondrashin Project Manager
  • Mikhail Adamenko Front-End Developer
  • Oleg Savich PHP Developer
  • Roman Korzh Lead Project Manager
  • Roman Voynov PHP Developer
  • Stanislav Matveyev Senior PHP Developer
  • Stanislav Zmiyevskoy Project Manager
  • Tatyana Vakulenko PHP Developer
  • Vladimir Borej Lead Project Manager
  • Yulia Arsenyeva Project Manager
  • Yulia Gromova QA Engineer
  • Yuriy Fedyay PHP Developer
  • Yuriy Myrgorod Project Manager