10 Logo Designs To Inspire Your Rebranding


Establishing a strong logo design is key to building a visual identity for your company and developing your brand. But in today’s ever-changing and increasingly connected global marketplace, making sure that your logo works on a multitude of platforms is essential. This means taking a hard look at mobile app and web design elements to ensure that your brand is honing in on new interfaces—i.e. does your logo align with the visual identity of your brand’s homepage? And how about your mobile app design? For many companies, approaching new interfaces means modernizing not only logos, but also working to overhaul the entire brand.

Here to help, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 top logo designs to kick off your company’s rebranding campaign.

1. WSP

WSP is a recently rebranded engineering consultancy firm. The rebrand is aimed at launching the company forward on a global level, as a more unified and forward-thinking agency. The cleanliness of the logo lends to a strong, corporate vibe, while the curves and sharp contrasts glean towards modernity and innovation.

2. Mastercard

This major credit card company has also recently rebranded itself. Removing some of the clutter and messiness of the old logo, this new logo symbolizes modernity, simplicity, and cleanliness. The color scheme is warm and harmonious, while the joined circles represent balance and community.

3. Fitness App


The fluidity of this logo evokes movement on the screen, while subtly playing on a commitment to all things fitness. Bright colors suggest energy and vitality. What’s more, the shapes here simply “fit,” stimulating a sense of community empowerment and togetherness.

4. Mama Mafia


This endearing logo was created for a food delivery service, which prides itself on being the perfect mix of rapid-fire delivery and slow-cooked comfort food. Here, the bold, black caricature is an easily memorable icon for consumers. Half mama, half mafia, she fits the bill perfectly.

5. Plexus Puzzles

This logo represents an online game company, specializing in interactive puzzles for kids and teens. The curvature of the text has a playful and charming feel. The bright colors and quirky graphics convey a sense of fun and adventure for curious kiddos, while the shape adds movement and depth to the overall image.

6. Woodheart


This logo is a phenomenal example of one brand’s simple and streamlined message: at the heart of this carpentry company rests a flawlessly executed, architectural design aesthetic. The clean lines and overall minimalism of the logo carry out the brand’s message without fail.

7. Paint


Paulius Kairevicius, an independent branding designer, created this logo. A clever play on functional minimalism, this logo has wide branding appeal. The graphic paint-roller doubles as the letter “P” and adds visual interest to the otherwise flat text. The vertical, clean yellow stripe provides an orderly contrast to the black text. Ironic, isn’t it? “Clean” and “orderly”—these words don’t usually come to mind when thinking about paint.

8. Love Pill


This logo is actually an unused concept for a dating website of the same name. The curvature of the text blends well with the graphic and creates an overall softness to the design. What’s more, the pill-heart-shaped graphic is both balanced and light-hearted.

9. Studio Science


This sharp, geometric logo was created for a design firm. The symmetry and architectural feel imply that this is an agency, which knows how to deliver the right mix of balance and structure for its clients. Likewise, the unity of shapes and use of white space implies that this firm fosters client-connection and can bridge the gap for struggling companies. The design evokes simplicity, cleanliness, and modernity.

10. Giant Owl Productions

This logo, designed for an independent production company, exemplifies a recent trend in web-based logo designs. Using animations, this logo piques consumer interest and increases user interactivity on the screen. Highly functional, the animation doubles as a play on the company’s name, slowly shifting user perspective from an old-school video tape to blinking owl eyes.

Hopefully some of these logo designs have given you a bit of inspiration. But it’s important to note that at the end of the day, needing to revamp an old logo can be difficult. Trying to align logos with web and mobile app designs can prove even more difficult.

And well, trying to throw a total brand overhaul into motion can feel near impossible. But you don’t have to lift the rebranding load alone. An upshot of today’s increasingly connected marketplace: there are tons of resources and exceptional design firms ready and waiting to help. You just need to make the call.


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