10 Marketing Shifts That You Should JUMP On Right Now

I recently attended Econsultancy's JUMP Conference; a one-day event that expressed what I feel is the most important marketing lesson: in marketing, you have to be everywhere your customer wants to engage. In short, it's not about traditional vs. digital vs. mobile vs. etc. (Et cetera marketing comes out in 2019). We must continue to reiterate that all digital efforts work in concert with all other appropriate forms of marketing for any product or service. This view point was driven home by Paul Price, CEO of Creative Realities, and here are 10 essential points from a digital perspective that I gleaned from our discussion.

1. Ecommerce -> Mcommerce
ecommerce to mcommerce
Mobile commerce already represents 15% of ecommerce revenue. Once the gateways to mobile commerce are opened further, this number will only grow. Just ask Twitter.

2. Demography -> Technography
By looking at what devices consumers are using, we gain wonderful insight on what is driving consumer behavior.

3. Communications -> Experiences

4. Awareness -> Interaction
While it is important for consumers to be aware of your product or service, that's not enough. Consumers must interact with your brand.

5. Loyalist -> Producer
When people are exceptionally loyal, they are apt to become producers: consumers who produce their own content around your brand.

6. Content -> Context
As important as content is today, the context of that content is even more important in the consumer experience.

7. Content Push -> User Generated Content
This is an amalgam of points 5 and 6. Make sure to empower your consumers to produce content.

8. Target -> Geo-location
Who and where you are speaks volumes of the things that you are into. Ever-improving geo-location technology is helping us realize this fact and retailers are picking up on this idea.

9. Soon -> Same Day
We already live in a fast world. It's only going to get faster.

10. Reactive -> Recommendation
While search is a great tool, even companies like Google understand the intent of people who are looking for top-notch products and services. Search will become more serendipitous. It's not only about search anymore, it's about discovery.

Please Note
As important as these 10 points are in today's world, there are two more pertinent details that must be considered:

  • In today's world, technology should be the lead of your marketing strategy
  • Mobile is the epicenter of digital marketing today.

These are the two chief aspects of any marketing initiative and should be viewed as such as they encompass and thing you can and would do from a traditional, technological or social viewpoint.

Now it's all up to you to ensure that all parties are part of one common goal. It should be easier now after thinking of your customer in this light.
Have you noted any recent shifts in the online marketing sphere? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting at @BFMweb

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