As all marketers know by now, social media is a great way to for businesses to have fun, but also produce real, measurable, results that impact a business' bottom line. And as we all know, time equals money and social media is a fast-paced exchange of information that happens instantaneously. These top 10 tools can ensure that your social media strategy properly aligns with your business' goals and objectives:

1. Edgar

Edgar is more than just a tool for the basic scheduling of content. Although sites like Hootsuite and Buffer can be great for the general purpose of arranging posts, there's still a concern within social media marketing in how many users are getting a look at your content. You see, social users are inundated with new content and no matter how great your post update is, only a small fraction of your followers will ever see it:


So, unlike reposting content on a blog, repurposing content on social media is actually a good thing! Fans who missed your post the first time get a chance to view it the second or third time you post it. The difference between Edgar and other content scheduling tools is that you can categorize your content, customize your settings and share some categories more than others. But, what about when you finally run out of content from a certain category? Well, Edgar starts from the beginning and will automatically re-share old content! Edgar currently works with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and it saves time and increases the amount of users viewing your content.

2. Canva

All social media platforms are highly visual in nature and great content calls for great imagery. Now, some brands and some posts in particular do require the work of a graphic designer, but some content and images don't need to be absolutely stunning, they just need to be aesthetically pleasing, and Canva allows the busy social media marketer to make appealing visuals quickly and easily.


The platform provides a bunch of quick options in terms of the sizing of imagery. From there users can pick a background color, upload images or a logo, Canva even provides a few free "elements" to include in your image. Registration is free and the site even saves your designs, making it even easier to make changes to old imagery.

3. AdParlor

What better way to prove just how great your social media strategy can look than with authentic mockups of your masterpiece? AdParlor offers a free mockup generator for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The platform allows you to choose from various campaign objectives for each platform and the option to view the ad in different forms such as news feed and mobile for Facebook and video and carousel for Instagram. The site is so easy to navigate, and it's a great way to develop the perfect copy without accidentally going over character limits.

4. Buzzsumo

One of the keys to social media success is sharing relevant content that is not always yours and Buzzsumo is one of the best tools on the web when it comes to finding the most popular content.


There's two ways to utilize Buzzsumo that will take your social media presence to the next level. The first is typing in a competitor domain and viewing their most popular social content, which is sorted by total shares. After viewing your top competitors, you can gain a clear picture of what types of content truly resonates with your target audience. Secondly, you can look for popular content by keyword:


You can choose to view the most popular content from the past 24 hours, the past week, the past month and so on, while filtering by categories like Infographics, Videos, Interviews, etc.


5. Kingsumo Headlines

This WordPress plugin easily allows for A/B testing headlines against each other. Once the plugin is installed, you'll notice that there are multiple spaces for titles on any post you create. Kingsumo will randomly serve the titles to website visitors whenever possible until it determines which headline is the most effective. Statistics show that excellent titles can increase traffic to posts by over 50%! With the help of Kingsumo, you can be sure that you're sharing the best headline with your fans and increasing traffic to your post.

6. Inkybee

Influencers are a big part of most social media marketing strategies and the goal is usually to connect with them, establish a relationship, and get them to share your content, products, services, etc. Finding the right influencers, however, can be tricky. That's where tools such as Inkybee come in. Inkybee lets you search for top bloggers in your niche on all major social networks. Once you log in, you can search keywords. For example, I wanted to see what types of influencers would best benefit a health and fitness client:


It quickly found a large list of related blogs. It also ranked the blogs based on relevance, visibility, and engagement, all of which are positive traits for an influencer to have here:


Since you can get many results for broad keywords, consider using the filter options on the left.

7. Sprout Social

If you need a simple, complete, all-in-one, social media management tool, SproutSocial is a is the best contender. You can monitor all mentions across all major networks and reply to them in your messages panel. Additionally, you can create tasks based on messages or you can create helpdesk tickets and assign them to a member of your team. This is particularly if you receive a lot of questions through social media or your fans use your social media profiles as a port for customer service.

8. Onalytica

This is another tool that focuses on finding influencers to follow, but with a twist. Instead of just searching for a keyword, you can upload a file with a blog post or add a link to a published blog post. Onalytica scans your content, defines the theme, and returns influencers appropriate for your followers. For example, I want to find influencers who would love this blog post by Blue Fountain Media on marketing tips for Facebook:


Within a few seconds, I've been given top influencers for my content:


9. Post Planner

Post Planner is an app within Facebook that offers a dashboard to help manage and improve your Facebook presence. Of course, you can schedule your content directly through Facebook, but Post Planner provides a list of status ideas as well as access to viral posts on Facebook. It's packed with insights and trending content for your industry, which makes Post Planner a great tool for optimizing engagement!

10. Bitly

For social media marketers, Bitly is a great tool to help shorten links and make posts more aesthetically pleasing. For platforms like Twitter, where character count is limited, Bitly makes it easy to save valuable space that would normally be occupied by lengthy links. Aside from it's core purpose, you can also monitor how many clicks you get on your posts, allowing you to better gauge the content that interests your audience the most.

Social Media Tools for Your Business Strategy

If you have the creativity and passion for your company and you've fully committed to a social media strategy that aligns with your brand and goals, these 10 tools can only take your campaign to an even higher level than you expected.

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