20 Keywords That Will Cost You

Much ink has been spilled in recent weeks over Google's foray into the social media space. And while engineers at the search giant were busy setting Facebook squarely in their sites, the bean counters were ringing  company cash registers to the tune of over $33 billion in revenue last year, thanks in no small part to advertising.

In fact, according to Google, 97 percent of company revenue comes from advertising, and a large portion of that from AdWords. For the uninitiated among us: AdWords is Google's main advertising product offering pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, cost-per-thousand (CPM) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads.

So obviously, Adwords is pretty important and with that in mind search marketing software and services firm Wordstream put together a list of the Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google’s Adwards Advertising platform.

If you are thinking of targeting any of these words make sure you’ve got a fat wallet.

Note: Bidding is a dynamic and ongoing process and these numbers are always subject to change. The figures represent what it costs per click. Volume is also taken into consideration in terms of ranking.

1. Insurance ($54)
2. Loans ($44)
3. Mortgage ($47)
4. Attorney ($47)
5. Credit ($36)
6. Lawyer ($42)
7. Donate ($42)
8. Degree ($40)
9. Hosting ($31)
10. Claim ($45)
11. Conference Call ($42)
12. Trading ($33)
13. Software ($35)
14. Recovery ($42)
15. Transfer (credit card industry) ($29)
16. Gas/Electricity ($54)
17. Classes ($35)
18. Rehab ($33
19. Treatment ($37)
20. Cord Blood ($27)

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  1. Great list……I was quite amazed with keyword “classes”, it costs oodles of money and I thought it was just a simple word! Ignorance can be a sin sometimes.

  2. Degree and classes are expensive because of the for profit online college and learning sector. You should try online MBA and related keywords. Extremely pricey sector!

  3. There are two reasons that appear to contribute to the high cost of the keywords attorney and lawyer.
    First – there is a very high ROI for lawyers advertising for clients who have product liability or personal injury claims.
    Second – We are a small law firm with a niche practice and the area in which we practice PPC and a majority of Google organic first page results are referral services who sell leads. Even the longer tailed keywords are highly competitive and not productive. Frankly we are over matched and unfortunately there is not a lot of talent to help businesses like ours with a very modest advertising budget.

  4. What About Travel Industry?
    I am a freelance Adwords/PPC professional.Planning to do a project related on Travel Industry in USA. Please advice


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