The end of a decade, 2019 was one to remember. From scientists releasing the first-ever image of a black hole to the first proven malaria vaccine being deployed, the year was filled with many memorable moments and historic first times. Here at Blue Fountain Media, we wanted to recap our favorite moments of the year by summarizing some of our most popular article features. Ranging from cartoon characters on cereal boxes to marketing superstitions, let’s take a look at some of BFM’s most favored press mentions from 2019.

  • In April BFM was featured on one of the top SEO websites,  Search Engine Journal, which attracts roughly over 900,000 monthly visitors. The article discusses our quarter two survey “Gauging Customer Opinions on Paid Social Media Ads”.  The survey results were surprising because although consumers find social media ads are being overloaded to them, they are still inclined to click on them. Included in the article are some of the key findings from the survey such as; where customers are most likely to click on ads, the effectiveness of influencer marketing and the biggest turn-offs when it comes to paid social ads. Check it out: Customers Think Social Media Ad's are Filling Their Feeds, but 70% Still Click
  • Ever wonder why the cartoon characters on cereal boxes seem to have abnormally large eyes? Blue Fountain Media Vice President and General Manager, Brian Byer is featured on discussing how brands and grocery stores use specific strategies to increase customer spending. The article goes into depth about how sugary cereal brands with cartoon characters are placed at eye level with children so that they are more enticed to pay attention. Eventually, influencing their parents to purchase the product. A key takeaway from this article is realizing that children are constantly being marketed to, unbeknownst to their parents. With smart and concise advertising campaigns, social media makes it overwhelmingly easy for marketers to target a young demographic on a wide range of media platforms. Take a look at the full article: Why Cereal Boxes are at Eye Level with Kids 
  • MarketWatch recently featured Blue Fountain Media in their report about Thanksgiving weekend, easily the biggest holiday shopping time of the year. The article references our end of year survey regarding how consumers will tackle holiday shopping in 2019. MarketWatch reported record-high spending for both Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. With 30% of consumers doing their shopping virtually, online shoppers tallied a spending total of 4.2 billion dollars on Thanksgiving Day. This trend was further exemplified when Cyber Monday reached a high of 9.4 billion. The article also goes into detail about traffic increases in stores such as Targets, Costco and Walmart. With MarketWatch attracting roughly over 17 million unique visitors per month, BFM is proud to have been featured on the site in 2019. Read the full article here for more insight: Target, Best Buy and Lululemon were Thanksgiving weekend retail winners, analysts say
  • How many followers do you think your CEO has on Twitter? BFM Vice President and General Manager, Brian Byer was a featured writer on, explaining why social media has become such an important business tool in recent years. The article dives into the importance of CEOs enticing their online customers with an active social media presence. Social media can no longer be dismissed as a waste of time due to the access and time spent using these apps. Byer talks more about the shift that has happened over time with social platforms and how we have entered a generation of online communication with innovative brand transparency strategies. To wrap it up, Byer suggests some helpful tips for CEOs who decide to dip their feet into the vast social media world. Read on here: Why Your CEO Should Communicate on Social Media 
  • We’re sure by now that everyone is aware of the fact that Google is consistently tracking your location. But what we’re not sure of, is if businesses are aware of the technique Google is using to prioritize location searches. In this featured article on Fast Company, Brian Byer explains how Google is using location services to gain more insight into the relationship between consumers and how they interact with your business. He also goes into depth about why businesses should leverage this data and how they can use it to their advantage. To find out more take a look at the article here: Three ways businesses can leverage Google Maps instead of compete with it for clicks
  • Our Head of Marketing, John Marcinuk discusses the top content marketing myths that might be holding your company back. Myths range from SEO tactics to possibly saying our goodbyes to the biggest social media network in the world. All myths hold some truth to them, but when it comes to these content marketing superstitions it’s probably best to steer clear. Read on for the full article: Are these 5 content marketing myths holding you back?