3 easy ways your non-profit can engage with donors

Organizations are flocking to social media hubs to attempt to engage with their audience, and every organization has a different motive. Some are corporations attempting to rebrand themselves (@Chrysler, @ComcastCares)  while others attempt to continue the conversation away from the brick-and-mortar standard of yesteryear.

One thing that we have to understand and a question that often gets pondered is how can my organization, specifically my non-profit, benefits from Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media? Let’s make one thing clear: Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of media are the end result of a communication strategy, not the initial strategy itself. Before you join these platforms remember that these are tools to deepen your relationship with your established community and a means to engage with potential donors.

The non-profit sector is changing at rapid pace. Speaking about strategy itself, some non-profits are transforming the way they work with their current and potential donors, and deepening relationships with their constituents. Here are some tools to connect with your donor community and potential donors:

• Join good2gether, with connections to high-traffic websites, national newspapers, and other publications, good2gether helps you promote events, announce campaigns, and distribute any other information to your audience.

• Create a Cause on Facebook. This page will make it easier to recruit passionate individuals who are already looking for your organization. There is also a Birthday application within Facebook Causes, encouraging individuals to raise money in exchange for their birthday. This is a brilliant way to get people engaged to give back to your organization.

• If you have the resources, create your own tools to facilitate donor collaboration and recruitment (e.g. create your own social media platform). Gift of, one of our clients, has done this remarkably. They have enabled donors, potential donors, friends, and families to recruit, create donor circle, and collaborate with each other for the greater cause of finding bone marrow donors for individuals with leukemia and cancer. Check out Gift of to participate in something special.

These tools are an overview of what non-profits should be tapped into and how they can impact potential donors and their communities. Let’s hope that more non-profits adopt the message of engagement and community, improving with such tools as social media and future technology.

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