In the wake of the fine chocolates and red roses of Valentines Day, we've got a few simple ways to keep your social media relationships continue to count for months to come. Check out our five-step guide to landing the "Perfect 10" of social media followers.

Be attractive

Know what your audience is interested in and make sure that your brand is the tall dark and handsome to their bombshell blonde. Being mindful of which social platforms your audience prefers and the ways in which they consume their media will help to achieve these goals. Take the time to understand the demographics of your audience. Where are they from? How old are they? What are they interested in hearing about? When are they active? Let your brand strive to be the red dress amongst a sea of black. What steps can you take to understand this data? Using Google Analytics' audience demographic and interests tabs to understand your business' overall audience is a pretty good place to start. Google Analytics Demographics Here you can find the age, gender makeup and interests of your audience. Pair this data with Facebook's Insights tab and Twitter's analytics and you'll begin to see trends in your audience that you can use to make your brand more appealing.

Deliver value

Everyone wants to feel a sense of admiration. Your followers should be your brand's "one-in-a-million". For your brand to achieve this sentiment, create a two-way conversation that allows you to get a more in-depth understanding of where they are as a consumer and where they want to be. Like any good relationship, give them a voice and let them know you're listening. Make sure your brand speaks to your followers about what matters to them. Adding value to your social conversation will develop brand loyalty, allowing your relationship to take steps in a positive direction. How can you do this? Using a tool like Moz's Followerwonk can be extremely helpful when it comes to creating a two-way conversation. Use the tool to understand what interests your followers and what they like to talk about and then tailor your content appropriately. A particularly helpful place to look as at the followerwonk "Bio Word Cloud." Followerwonk Word Cloud This handy feature will tell you what terms are most used in your follower's biography field on Twitter and can help you think up what kind of content will most motivate your audience to interact with you. Talk about yourself or your brand in terms of what they're already interested in and you have a very good chance of creating a powerful two way conversation that will provide value for your brand.

Ask for commitment

If the brand-consumer relationship was your long-term girlfriend, this would be where you ought to put a ring on it. But before you can finalize the relationship, you have to know what you're asking for. Like any meaningful relationship you have to ease into a long term brand-customer relationship. Slowly build up trust and value over time, and once that has been established, seal the deal with a clear, concise call to action with each interaction in the social realm.
Fashion Industry Post Engagement on Social Media
As our infographic on successful fashion brands on social media shows, this means that your sales content (complete with call to action) should be few and far between. It is no coincidence that the 100 most engaged fashion posts on social media tended to be Lifestyle (30%) and Product (27%) content. In the fashion industry these two subjects are how brands build up trust with their audience. Sales content, the final step once trust in a brand is created, was at only 6%.

Keep the spark alive

Anyone in a successful relationship will tell you that you have to continue to "date" your spouse. Be constantly trying to impress your customers with your message and advertising campaigns. Be bold with your social media, keep it witty, interesting and humorous in a way that will compel your audience to pay attention to what you have to say. Keeping things fresh will keep your customers coming back for more! What other tactics do you use to make your audience love your brand? Let us know in the comments section below or by tweeting us at @BFMweb.
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