4 Ways to Secure Google’s Blessings on Mobile

Search engine optimization for mobile can be a difficult process for any business. In order to form a more refined web experience, establish better accessibility, ensure justified mobile rankings, provide cross-platform brand continuity, promote SEO, and secure the blessings of mobile browsing, Google does ordain and establish these following four suggestions for mobile SEO:

1) Mobile Redirects
This is particularly important for an ecommerce site with lots of products. If a person searches for "acid wash jeans" from a mobile device and a clothing company returns a result, that result must direct to the mobile version of that page. So let's say that some of the clothing company's site is optimized for mobile (home page, checkout, "about" page); If the site does not have a mobile version of the product page, it is recommended that they take the user to that specific page, and not a mobile optimized home page.

2) Flash
If you've ever tried accessing a flash video from a mobile device, you know that it doesn't work. We suggest desktop and mobile sites have videos that are accessible to all users, meaning embedded video should be developed in HTML 5, not flash. This way, if someone does happen to access your desktop site from their mobile device (or you don't have a mobile website yet, boo hiss) the video will work seamlessly on both devices.

3) Responsive Design
Responsive design favors a flexible layout, and therefore it is great for mobile, tablet and desktop devices! Google says this is the wave of the future; then again, Betamax was also touted as that wave at one point in history. If you want to play it safe and smart, consider developing your next site using responsive design. This will also save you the headache of having to code a mobile and desktop site.

4) No More Desktop 404's
By "all pages should be optimized for mobile," Google really means "all pages." If your site is mobile friendly, but redirects users to a desktop 404 page, you're still missing the mark. Make sure your mobile 404 page is formatted specifically for mobile, and keep in mind that you can even model your 404 page to be something interesting for users, like a playable game or a Candy Crush Saga credit hub.

Optimize all 404 pages

What's Next?
Chances are, if Google is cracking down on mobile SEO, the last thing they'd want is for websites to add another step to the navigation process. That said, I predict the next optimization rule will suggest that mobile sites not use their home pages as real estate to advertise their mobile app.

Do you have any tips about how to optimize mobile SEO? Questions? Tweet us @BFMWeb or leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi Julie,

    How important do you think is a mobile version of an ecommerce site? I mean the trend right now is to create a mobile app instead of creating a mobile version. What do you think that it’s more preferable – logical for a small business?

  2. Hi Alex,
    This is a great question. A favorable e-commerce approach will combine both mobile design and an app. Without a web presence, consumers won’t know about the product, service offering or app. A small business should consider building a mobile site first, then complementing the user experience with an app. Take a look at our mobile app and development projects for examples of great mobile site design:

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