Alanna Francis
Director of Marketing
Alanna is a digital marketer who specializes in social media strategy and ecommerce marketing. She hails from Canada which is probably why she hardly ever gets cold.

Alanna’s Latest Blog Posts

education website design

Education Web Design: 7 Elements that Influence Conversions

You can’t take a cookie-cutter approach to designing a website for an educational audience. Different users and audiences have varying needs and interests when looking for information online. In our latest post we explore some of the design elements that can help increase conversions on your education websites.

Digital Marketing in 2016: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As most of us begin to looking toward to 2017 and innovations to come, we’re looking back at the changes that happened in digital marketing in 2016. These changes and updates will help set …

Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

How to Leverage Social Media for Your Ecommerce Business

Managing an ecommerce business while maintaining and an active social media presence can be challenging. Here are some ways you can incorporate social media in to the marketing strategy of your ecommerce brand.

real estate website design

Real Estate Design: The 5 Best Websites and Mobile Apps

What does it take to optimize a real estate website for online audiences? Take a look at some of the top real estate website and mobile apps to see what design elements make their sites stand out in their industry.

2012 Year in Review: Search Engine Optimization

If you hope to fare well in the feature, it’s always wise to know a little something about the past. There were a lot of significant changes to Google’s algorithm this year, as well as the ways marketers use search engines. In this post you’ll learn about some of the more significant changes we saw in search in 2012.

Google Brand Pages

How To: Make the Most of Google+ Brand Pages

Google+ may have underwhelmed so far, but there are still a few unique features that brands and marketers can (and should) take advantage of.

How To: CRUSH Your Local SEO Campaign

There is more than one way to knock your SEO campaign out of the park. However, the best approach is an encompassing one.

The World According to Panda, Why You Should Care

The Panda update is important to you because it is important to Google. Get used to it.

Anthony and social media snafus

How To Survive a Social Media PR Crisis

If you get caught with your pants down try these eight steps to rectify the situation.

Optimizing Your Checkout Process from Check In to Check Out

The most dangerous moment for anyone operating an ecommerce business is the checkout process where abandonment rates seem to peak. If you have a high abandonment rate, it’s in your best interest to check out the areas of your checkout process that could do with an overhaul.

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