Gary J. Nix
Marketing Specialist
Gary is a Marketing Specialist and MIB Agent who enjoys all things sports, marketing and pop culture. He’s also known online for his occasionally audacious commentary regarding the previously listed subject matter.

Gary J.’s Latest Blog Posts

Instagram Adds Video: We Heard It Through the Grape-Vine

Facebook recently announced the addition of video on Instagram! Read on to find out how these new developments provide new advantages and options for users in the world of short-form video.

Where Does Your Content Lead?

Whether you’re advocating for an idea, a product or service, or any type of brand message, the content that you create, coupled with the context in which is put, leads all of the conversations you’re trying to create.
But is content truly king? Read this post to find out.

Is Marketing Under the Influence?

Are industry influencers in favor of your brand? How important is influence in the world of digital marketing? Read this post to get the latest scoop on influence marketing from London’s Kred Influencer Summit.

A New Outlook on the World

Have you tried Micosoft’s new Get the latest scoop on the next big email client and what it means for email marketers and for competitor,

10 Marketing Shifts That You Should JUMP On Right Now

Best practices for marketing are constantly evolving. Stay up to date with 10 recent, significant shifts in marketing from this year’s Econsultancy JUMP Conference.

2012 Year in Review: Social Media

There were a lot of updates in the social realm in 2012. Let’s take a look at some of the moments provided by 12 of the most popular social networks including ups, downs, milestones and other miscellanea.

Instagram and the New Social Networking Order of Operations

Instagram’s Web interface may well change the way we view digital and social in the future. Read this post and learn how.

How to Take Advantage of the New Twitter Profile

Twitter has introduced new pages similar to Facebook’s Timeline that could present new opportunities and challenges for your brand. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you should read this post!

Social Media Marketing: 10 Benefits

The decision to use social media as part of your integrated marketing program is data driven and based in the concepts of traditional marketing—finding the channels used by your target market and using those channels to communicate with them.

How Building Communities Leads to Commerce

Social media remains a hot button issue, even hotter over the past couple of weeks with Facebook’s valuation and subsequent reactions to its IPO.

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