Jon Gelberg
Chief Content Officer
Jon Gelberg has been in the communications industry for the past 25 years. Besides his work at BFM, he contributes to Inc., BNET, Young Entrepreneur and other publications. Gelberg speaks frequently at industry events on issues relating to content marketing, public relations and online business strategy.

Jon’s Latest Blog Posts

Google +: Another Weapon in Your Promotional Arsenal

Google+ is the fastest growing social media platform in history, with over 175 million users in less than a year.


A Day with the “Fathers of the Internet”

I have been working in the online world since the late 1990s.

While I might feel like something of an old-timer in this space, I had the opportunity this week to meet and listen …

How to Get Press Coverage for Your Business Online: The Perfect Pitch

You don’t have to be Apple or Google or Sony to get the attention of the press. All you need is an understanding of how the press (and online media) works and how best to get on their radar.

How Groupon Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Groupon works with merchants and service providers in over 100 cities to come up with “Deals of the Day.” Participating merchants and service providers are encouraged to come up with attractive discounts.

How Social Media Has Changed the Face of Public Relations

Thanks to the recent explosive growth of social media, the practice of public relations has been changed forever.

That’s not to say that public relations as a business tool is dead. To the contrary, …

How to Approach Your Social Media Campaigns Intelligently

Why do so many business owners start social media marketing campaigns without any real planning or strategy?

How to Make Facebook an Integral Part of Your Overall Marketing Strategy

With over 800 million Facebook users, there’s a massive audience for your company’s or organization’s message.

How to Use LinkedIn as a Business Tool

With over 50 million users, LinkedIn provides endless opportunities for individuals and businesses to network locally, nationally and internationally.

What Would You do For A Klondike Plug?

Social Media has opened the door to a host of new marketing opportunities. Where major advertisers like Unilever were once limited to print, radio, television, direct mail and billboard advertising, the internet has opened …

How Traditional Networking can Benefit Your Technology-Driven Business

Thanks to technological advances, business has been transformed forever. Websites, ecommerce, online marketing, online communities and web-based content can all serve to enhance a company’s bottom line.

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