Megan Biondi
Social Media Marketing Specialist
Megan is a Marketing Specialist at Blue Fountain Media that specializes in Social Media and E-Mail Marketing. When she’s not tweeting, poking or coding she is either wrapping up a teen soap opera marathon or planning another outrageous overseas adventure. Anyone want to go shark cage diving in Cape Town?

Megan’s Latest Blog Posts


5 Best Practices for Participating in Online Communities

Participating in online communities is a great way to generate new leads and better brand recognition. We break down the best tactics to help your business.

brand communities

5 Reasons Why Online Communities Are A Good Investment For Your Brand

You are creating engaging content and your advertising efforts are on track, but now you want to take your social media strategy to the next level. This is where online communities come in.


4 Brands Using Holiday Pinterest Gift Ideas to Create Sales

Generating sales through Pinterest gift ideas is a difficult task, but if you differentiate yourself from the competition like these 4 brands, you can effectively attract new sales.

Instagram Best Practices Featured Image

Using Instagram for Business: Instagram Best Practices You Need to Know

Instagram can be a powerful way to build brand awareness. This post breaks down what you need to know to build a loyal customer base that can eventually help your bottom line.

Social Media and the 2014 World Cup

Brazil’s 13th Stadium: Social Media and the 2014 World Cup

This year’s world cup has been captivating both on the field and on social media. This post discusses some of our favorite social media moments so far.

Infographic Press Releases Featured Image

Publishing Infographics as a Press Release for Media Outlets

Attaching an infographic can help the media connect and gain a better understanding of your press release without having to read through the entire piece.

How to Implement A/B Testing on Social Media

How to Implement A/B Testing for Social Media Campaigns

Implementing A/B testing on social media can provide huge payoffs for brands when done correctly. This post shows how it can help you craft the perfect post.

The 80/20 Rule Featured Image

Less About Me, How Can I Help You: The 80/20 Rule

Observing the 80/20 rule and posting engaging, informational and relevant content 80% of the time and brand centric, call-to-action content only 20% of the time can lead to a better social media presence and an increase in sales.

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