First threatened by RSS feeds, and then social media, the existence of the email newsletter has always been a little rocky. However, as of lately, curated newsletters seems to be enjoying a comeback. Like most, my inbox is way too familiar with the trickle of junk from internet to inbox. It's hard to find a newsletter that delivers the news that we as marketers need to stay informed, let alone features links you can't stop sharing. Well, what if we told you these newsletters do exist, and thanks to the recent surge in carefully curated newsletters, we've never been more thrilled to open our inbox in the A.M..? Our team of agency mavens has shared their favorite industry newsletters in the post below--newsletters that have them looking forward to opening them, and newsletters that teach them something new every day.


Nextdraft, the brainchild of Dave Pell, is a news-based newsletter delivered to your inbox each weekday. Why we love it? The newsletter is a quick, entertaining look at the day's 10 best stories, curated by Dave himself, after browsing 75 news sites each morning (we don't know how he finds the time but we're eternally grateful). The NextDraft newsletter was once described as "the New York Times meets Saturday Night Live", and if that isn't a recommendation, than we don't know what is.


EWebDesign is a weekly newsletter jam packed with industry news, thought leadership pieces, tips, and tricks. Oh - and freebies! This web design and development newsletter is a great place to start if you're looking to expand your knowledge, or simply stay up-to-date.


This. is a content app that allows users to share one, and just one, important link per day. Each night, This. shares the best five links in a tailored email that's personalized based on the curators you trust. The email also includes the top five stories of the day, picked by Andrew Golis, Founder and CEO of This.

The Daily Water Cooler

Read this every morning and you'll never be left comment-less when your co-workers are discussing the latest in world of news and pop culture. The Daily Water Cooler delivers all of the stuff you need to know - including finance, politics, sport, and culture. Why we love it? By the time you're finished reading the latest issue, you'll find it a lot easier to act like the smartest person in the room.

Digiday Daily

Saying it's hard to stay on top of the never ending news cycle that revolves around the digital space is an understatement. Digiday's daily newsletter provides the latest breaking news and top stories from their website straight to your inbox. Why we love it? Digiday does a great job of highlighting the top news you need to know at the very top of the email, which is a much valued gesture for those short on time.

The Moz Blog

Moz, widely known as the leading authority on SEO and inbound marketing for some time now, delivers a great newsletter that shares their best advice, research, how-to's and insights. This newsletter is sure to teach you how to take your online marketing skills to the next level.

Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner's newsletter shares top articles on how to best use social to connect with clients, drive traffic, generate awareness and increase sales. Why we love it? The social media gurus and aspiring experts that make up Social Media Examiner's online community deliver a diverse collection of content, so no matter your interest, there's always a relevant article.

Bonus tip: Roll all your subscriptions into a single email!

If two, four, or even all seven of these newsletters interest you, or if you're simply looking to clean your inbox a little, is a free service that rolls your subscriptions into a single email. The service lets you condense all of your newsletters into one daily digest, with the added feature of unsubscribing instantly from any newsletters you don't like. As mentioned earlier, the comeback of email newsletters is just starting, with new subscriptions and outlets popping up daily. Subsequently, this list will forever be incomplete - but we'd love to grow it, so be sure to share in the comments below. And don't forget to subscribe to our blog!