Last week, Blue Fountain Media joined other leading marketers for a masterclass on digital marketing, hosted by Masterclassing in New York. During the session, digital marketing experts met with representatives from modern brands the likes of Chobani, WWE, and Nickelodeon to answer big questions around content marketing, programmatic and retargeting, influencer campaigns, and zero-party data.

BFM Marketing Strategist, Shivi Kundra, was among the session’s featured speakers. In her presentation, she questioned the ongoing myth that the consumer attention span is shrinking and spoke to a core belief we hold at BFM: Consumers are still willing to give brands their time and attention, but only if brands earn it with truly “thumb-stopping” content.

Explore these key takeaways from the presentation and start creating content that gets your customers to stop and stay.

First, make their thumbs stop:

  • The Hook
    • Immediately initiate an engaging conversation with the viewer through catchy, clickable headlines and thumbnails (an often-neglected tool). By showcasing personal experiences, humor, and self-help terms in our headlines, we can compel the viewer to click and learn more.
  • Imagery
    • The average consumer is exposed to 300 feet of content on a daily basis, so it’s important to create content that’s easy to consume. Quality visuals do just that. Though it’s not certain for every case, experience tells us audiences often prefer visual content over text-driven interactions. Leveraging effective imagery will make your content easier to process and more entertaining, too.
  • Color
    • Visual content is all about delivering a message to your audience, and color plays a large role in setting the tone of your engagement and communicating specific parts of that message. Make sure your choices are on-brand and designed to catch the user’s eye.
  • Short-Form Video Content Short-form videos are one of the most effective ways of generating high engagement. Studies show that 53 percent of videos that are 90 seconds or less are watched to completion. What’s more, SFVC can act as a gateway to get audiences to engage with your longer-form content, which they may have been reluctant to do at the very start.

Then, keep them engaged:

  • Humor
    • Never miss an opportunity to make your consumer laugh. Humor is an exceptional tool to leverage when you’re creating content that’s memorable, and can greatly boost the shareability of your content and your reputation among consumers.
  • Consistency
    • Consistency in messaging and aesthetics – not only across platforms but also within the platform – allows for greater top-of-mind recall and brand loyalty.
  • Storytelling
    • A powerful, compelling story can provoke emotion, inspire people, or solve a problem – sometimes even all three. Make a point to create content that tells a story. In doing so, you’ll build meaningful relationships with your audience and stick in their mind for the long-term.