Earlier this week, our Director of Content, Bryn Dodson, joined other leading marketers as a featured speaker at Masterclassing’s Paid Social & Influencer event in New York. The event gathered decision-makers from brands including Goldman Sachs, Lego, NBA, and Verizon, and brought marketing experts together to share their insights into the changing world of digital media.

Bryn used our team’s recent work with charity technology platform Prizeo and the #Ham4PR campaign to show how brand marketers can reframe their thinking around paid and organic media and how the two, when executed well, can increase one another’s impact.

The campaign, which saw BFM partnering with “Hamilton” star Lin-Manuel Miranda to raise funds for arts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, was a perfect showcase of how paid media can make a difference – and the $2+ million we helped to raise speaks for itself.                                                                                          

Keep reading to get some of Bryn’s key takeaways for companies looking to improve their paid and organic success.

Organic & Paid Media Should Work Together

Smart brand marketers are not looking at organic and paid media individually – they are exploring how each can boost the other’s efficacy. To have different channels working harmoniously together, brand marketers need to understand when people are willing to share, what drives those people to act, and how those behaviors can reinforce each other.

Social Listening Finds Audiences

Targeting for the #Ham4PR campaign was largely interest-based. We knew Broadway buffs would be eager to click, but we wanted to reach more than just the die-hard fans. New audiences aren’t always easy to find, so the BFM team turned their ears to the web through social listening, tapping organic conversations and allowing us to identify surprising cultural connections. 

A highlight: When Lin-Manuel helped save a beloved NYC bookstore mid-campaign, BFM started targeting audiences interested in books and publishing. The result: We saw a 1700% ROAS from those audiences without changing the message on our ads at all.

Fresh Campaigns Tell a Story

As creative goes stale, even the best ads lose traction with top-performing audiences. Campaigns built with a cadence of storytelling moments will keep messages fresh.

In the case of #Ham4PR, a constantly growing range of prizes, including the chance to meet Lin-Manuel Miranda, were delivered through new prize announcements built into each of the two campaigns. The promise of future prizes, and the hype ensuing after each announcement, ave audiences a reason to get interested again and again – instead of becoming fatigued. 

It’s always a good time when our team gets the chance to strut its stuff, and it’s even more exciting when we do it alongside other leading players in the industry. We take pride in doing our part to push the world of digital forward. We can’t wait to see where the cutting edge takes us next. 




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