Every month, BFM recognizes an all-star team member as its “BFMer of the Month.” We’re excited to recognize our Business Development Associate, Alexa DeAssis, as our March recipient!

We sat down with Alexa to discuss her journey in the Digital Marketing industry, as well as her role here at Blue Fountain Media. Check out of the full interview, below!

bfmer of the month

What has been your proudest moment at Blue Fountain Media?

Becoming BFMer of the Month! I genuinely appreciate every person here and the work they do, and the fact that people here appreciate me too is something that makes me even more proud to work with such a fantastic team than I already was!

What is your best advice for someone looking to get involved in the Digital Marketing industry?

Don’t ever think you know everything there is to know about anything digital, and there is no such thing as staying “current.” What’s current today is old news tomorrow. Always keep your eyes and ears open to learn about new innovations, technologies, and ideas when it comes to the constantly changing digital marketing world.   

If you could switch jobs with another BFMer, what role would you choose?

I would love to be on our Group Director of Marketing John Marcinuk’s team, to research and brainstorm concepts and ideas for our clients’ marketing efforts.

What drew you to Blue Fountain Media originally? And how has Blue Fountain Media changed since?

I started at BFM as an HR Intern with the intention of using my time here to gain experience in a business environment. I honestly never expected to love it here and I definitely didn’t expect to be offered a full-time position in the Business Development department! Blue Fountain Media has changed in some ways, but I’d say that it has evolved as a company by expanding our capabilities and methodology to adapt to the constant change in all that is digital.

What have you gained from working at Blue Fountain Media?

Working at Blue Fountain Media has taught me so much. I started working here right after graduating college, so this is my first time working in a full-time, corporate work environment and I’m so happy that this is where I got my start in the business world. I’ve gained real-world experience working with individual teams, as well as with the company as a whole. I’ve learned things from all departments and I’ve also learned everything that goes into the digital marketing I see on an everyday basis (sorry, I’m a millennial).