Blog for a reason: 3 steps to make a blog work for your business

(source: Annie Mole)

You may have a company blog that is sitting idle with stale content, no links to it, and without any participation. That kind of blog is not helping your business grow.  Here are the 3 steps you must take to make that blog work for your business. Your blog should be getting you on page 1 of Google as well as getting you high-quality, relevant traffic from people already looking for your type of content.

Create content that caters to bloggers you are hoping to get links from. Blue Fountain Media recently wrote a blog post for a client that was featured in the Wall Street Journal Blog and eventually on This in part helped  our client get on page 1 of Google for a variety of very competitive keywords. By creating well-researched content that gives real value to readers, one can attract a lot of links organically, which is the whole idea behind search engine optimization. You need to attract links organically to be able to rank organically.

Give link love to get some back. If you do not link out to other websites very often, then don't expect any links back to your website. But be careful how you go about doing this. Back in the day, websites would create completely useless "links" pages where they would link to a whole list of websites, which would do the same in return. That was known as link exchanging. First of all, links pages do not give any value to visitors, and secondly, it is no longer considered to help rankings, especially not on Google. Another tactic similar to this one is placing links in sidebars or footers. These are slightly more effective for rankings but are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Often times, these links also do not provide value.

Instead, what should be done is link to websites that add value to your blog post or article in the body of a blog post or article. These are organic links. It's what the idea of the Internet is based upon. Organic links to relevant, quality websites. Often times these websites that you link to will notice that you linked to them and may consider to link to your content in the future.

Participate and be active on blogs that you want links from. But be realistic. The New York Times will not necessarily link to your website just because you participate a lot on their blogs. Instead focus on smaller, more niche blogs. Comment on posts on a daily basis and interact with both the authors of blog posts as well as the other commenters. With a consistent avatar and link, your blog will eventually get noticed and linked to.

If you want help with this in any way or have any further questions, simply comment below or contact me through our contact us form with "question for Alhan" in the "comments" field.


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