It's no secret we appreciate a strong email marketing campaign, we also happen to be big fans of summer, so it only made sense to combine our love for the two and present what we think are the best email marketing campaigns of summer far. In a day and age when people recall their email address more easily than their physical home address, it's vital that the content you're sending to the preferred mailbox of so many people is effective, clear, and direct. All of the examples we've featured below are, first and foremost, easy on the eyes. However, we're here to highlight the subtle, but extremely effective digital marketing tactics each of them showcase in order to ensure they stand out in an overcrowded inbox, and get readers clicking.

Superior Subject Line

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression - so that's why it's vital to nail your subject line. Between the coupons, daily deals, social media notifications and invitations, there's a lot to sift through in your inbox on a daily basis, let alone open and actually read. Email open rates differ across industries, however the average hovers somewhere around 20% - that's one in five. So what exactly does prompt someone to open that email as opposed to competitors? A superior subject line, of course! Take a look at a few of these A+ examples below: Skyfit: "Raise your hand if you have zero time to work out" People love to self-identify, and regardless of how they do it - whether it's the music they listen to, the way they dress, or even the company they work for, it's an essential concept to use within your marketing. You can see from the subject line above, this email identifies with individuals who struggle to make time, however, the great thing about this subject line is that it doesn't exclude people who do find time to work out regularly. Eater: "Where to Drink Beer Right Now" (Sent at 6:45 PM on a Wednesday) The first part of the subject line looks like your average email from Eater, but the timing in which this email was sent is EXACTLY when you're looking for this kind of content. Understanding your subscription list's psyche is vital. Eater demonstrates this by showing they understand that 6:45 PM on a Wednesday is when their target demographic is likely wanting a beer. For your own emails, think about how timing will affect how your readers perceive your email.

Marry Your Social Media

A strong social media presence is a marketing checklist item most companies have ticked, so why not leverage that and tie the two together? For most it's a no brainer, but doing this effectively, creatively, and organically is harder than it sounds. Thanks to the social world we now live in, access to a stream of content is at your fingertips. By including real-time, real-life content your consumers are creating and/or sharing, your email's relevancy automatically skyrockets. Here are a few examples from brands we think have the Social Media/Email collaboration perfected: LIKE TO KNOW does an amazing job at tying social media content shared by users, with their specific products. And although the basis of their company is sharing with subscribers the items bloggers are wearing in their posts, their emails are definitely a source of inspiration for connecting users directly with products they may be interested in purchasing. LEATHEROLOGY The most successful brands have a holistic view of digital marketing, and Leatherology's above email is a perfect example of how to exercise a seamless connection between email and social media. Leatherology's email not only helps increase social engagement, it also provides the reader with added value.

Simple and Effective Design

If you want readers to engage with your emails, give them a reason to do so. Never underestimate the strength of clean, minimalistic design, with a clear call-to-action. Guiding your readers through the entire buying journey is vital - and admit it, if so many successful brands today had not effectively done so, you'd probably be using a lot fewer apps, websites, and services than you do now. These two examples do a great job of keeping things simple and effective: BIRCH With just a precious few seconds to attract the readers full attention, we think Birchbox does a great job of guiding the reader's eye exactly where it needs to go. We believe the best designs are functional - and the Birchbox team does a great job letting the reader know exactly what's important in one single glance. ALEXANDER Giving readers too many options, or CTA's, will be too overwhelming. When faced with too many choices, your reader will do one of two things, pick one CTA impulsively, or not pick one at all. Although most times the reader will not end up picking an option at all, the alternative, picking impulsively, will more than likely leave a poor impression on the reader as it isn't, in the end, relevant to them. Alexander Wang does a great job at providing the reader with enough content, while still only having one (highly visible) CTA. Things are just getting started with email marketing this season, and we can't wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for our inboxes. What are some of the emails in your inbox that have caught your attention? Are there any trends you see that digital marketers are successfully using? Leave a comment below or tweet us @BFMweb.
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