Last week, SEOMoz, the marketing tech company, announced a full rebranding of its site and software. The site is no longer called SEOMoz, but simply "Moz". The decision stems from reasoning that "SEO is bigger than "SEO". There's still negative associations with the term, and the company wanted its image to reflect the larger marketing landscape in which it has been a leading influencer and authority for over a decade. But what can we hope to expect from the new Moz? moz-analyticsSEO and Social: The Honeymoon's Over These two aren't newlyweds anymore! They got hitched a few years ago and have been enjoying a long honeymoon. We're hoping that Moz Analytics can usher these two lovebirds into the next stage of the relationship, with some real, grownup, actionable reporting. Cross-Channel Reporting The value of an integrated marketing mix is deeply ingrained into our strategies at BFM. To provide truly remarkable results, we look across all available marketing channels for opportunities for clients. Tracking and reporting on these various channels is a challenge for all online marketers, simply due to the pre-pubescent nature of the industry. Quantifying the results of social media is more an art than a science. Yet it's a vital art, which directly contributes to the growth of a website and a business' online presence. Viewing the impact of social marketing efforts - in conjunction with search engine optimization - is something any online marketer would want to get her hands on. Moz Analytics will measure the following on a single user-friendly dashboard, with the goal of helping marketers visualize and improve their efforts:

  • SEARCH: Measure growth and source of traffic, keyword rankings and opportunities.
  • SOCIAL: Discover what content on Twitter and Facebook drives the most engagement.
  • LINKS: Monitor your competition and detect opportunities to reach out.
  • BRAND & MENTIONS: Watch the growth of your brand over time, calculated by mentions and search queries.

Will Moz Analytics replace Google Analytics? Unlikely, Will it offer a better way to evaluate and report on the overall online marketing efforts of a brand? That seems to be the point. We'll know more once the beta version is released in the next 30-60 days. Till then you can bet your marketing dollars we'll have our ears to the ground for any news! Is there anything about Moz analytics that you are excited for? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @BFMweb