Beginning a career in digital marketing can be a daunting task for those who are interested in learning how they can get started. Particularly due to how fast paced the industry is, it can be difficult to learn about in an educational environment like a school or university - leaving many with no choice but to browse blogs and social media to educate themselves on what they need to know to enter the industry with confidence. For one Reddit user, just reading blogs wasn't good enough. He wanted to know: "How do I get started in digital marketing?" In this video, our Marketing Strategist, Julie Barsamian, breaks down a couple of options for new digital marketers to show perspective employers that they can be an asset to a business in the world of digital marketing. This is the second video of our four part series answering your questions about the basics of digital marketing. Click here to view last week's video, "What is Digital Marketing?". Check back with us again next week when we discuss what skills are needed to be successful in digital marketing.

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Hi! My name is Julie Barsamian and I am a Digital Marketing Strategist at Blue Fountain Media, and today we are taking questions about digital marketing.

This question comes from a Reddit user who wants to know where I should start. "Where should I start if I want to work in digital marketing?"

One good place to start probably if you have no history in digital marketing and you haven't been blogging or tweeting or facebooking about it, would be to show your understanding of the industry by taking a standardized test.

So, one good example would be the GA IQ, or the Google Analytics IQ exam, or the AdWords exam. Both of them run through the basic rules and capabilities of using the AdWords or the analytics platforms. They're pretty lengthy - you do have to do some studying, but, again, it's a really good way to standardize your knowledge and to show a potential employer that you've taken steps to become familiar with those platforms and that you would know what you're doing if you're running a campaign for somebody.

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