Consistency – An Online and Offline Corporate Branding Tip


Many online marketing companies, web development firms, and SEO’s alike will constantly reinforce how important your online presence is to the success of your company or business. They talk about specific branding methods, logos, fonts, colors, web layouts, and how all of these things must remain consistent throughout the online world so that there is always the same consistent message of your company on the internet.

But how many of these companies even take a look into your offline presence?

Often when you walk into a new clothing store, restaurant, or other service business place you automatically take note of the colors, look, and ‘feel’ of the place. When you go home or want to know more about the business you’ll look up their website and find that occasionally there is a stark difference between a businesses offline and online branding models.

The problem with this is that for customers who have been to your offline store they might automatically leave your website by mistaking it as a completely different site. This works vice versa in that people who have seen your business online, when they go to your store and find a different logo and color scheme might think they have gone to the wrong place and would mistakenly avoid it. Below are three simple tips to help you brand your business online.

1. One company, one logo.
Your company logo is exactly that, it’s your graphical icon that serves to identify you and your business both online and offline. Having a different logo in either places causes a mental disconnect for prospective clients and could lose you valuable business.

2. One consistent style guide.
Style guides don’t just apply to your online materials. Make sure to have a consistent style guide that covers every aspect of your business. Take a look at TD Bank; their website, print collateral, and even their interior design all have a consistent style guide so no matter whether the client is banking online or meeting a teller in person, it’s the same comfortable feeling.

3. Consistent services.
This happens a lot with online clothing and product stores. A person will go into a store at a mall, find something they like but want to order it later. They then go online to order the product but the business does not offer that product in their online store, causing the client distress. It is not always possible to sync up online and offline inventories but if it is feasible, it is definitely a must.

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