Spreading Your Content Marketing Across Multiple Platforms

It’s no secret that creating unique, quality content for your website is a terrific way to get your marketing messages across to your target audience while establishing yourself and your company as experts in your field, and ultimately growing your business’ bottom line. By writing detailed content for your blog or developing informative whitepapers, companies can offer real value to their current and potential clients. While creating this meaningful content is incredibly important, it is only the first step. Delivering your content to a wider audience is crucial to the success of your content marketing efforts. Fortunately, there are various online platforms that are intended for distributing original content.

Social Media

Today, social media plays a large role in nearly every business’ marketing efforts and is crucial to increasing the circulation of any content produced. You should have active accounts on all of the major social media platforms that have active members that make up your target audience. This may or may not include platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – but regardless of what platforms do make sense for your or your business, you should be using these platforms as a way to enhance the amount of exposure you get for your content, whether it is a blog post, whitepaper, or article placed in a major publication. With every major piece of content that you publish, you should be announcing it on social media, and providing a hyperlink to the content for your followers and fans to read. By creating a dialogue that stirs conversation and engages users about your latest piece of content, you can increase the likelihood of it getting read and shared. Effective social media posts engage users and ask questions that will provoke insight about the post you are encouraging them to read.

Shares on Facebook

It’s important to take the time to think about which platform you’re putting a piece of content on and tweak your social media posts accordingly for that channel. For example, LinkedIn should be more professional in demeanor and should have more details, while Twitter has to be much shorter and conversational. Ultimately, the goal of promoting your content across social media platforms is that you want the content to be shared by your followers and reach a wider audience—so think about the users that are on each platform as you develop your post.

Contributor columns

If you run a business, or have worked in the same position for some period of time, you’re likely an expert in your industry. There are various industry-specific websites or sections of major online publications that would be happy to publish your expert insights if it is going to provide value and be of interest to their readers. This kind of exposure gives you direct access to an audience of prospective clients and customers, and can help grow your business immensely. To become a contributor at any news publication or write for a guest column regularly, you need to prove to the host site that you’re providing value to the users. Many publications will ask that you submit story ideas, or sample stories before they can offer you a contributor position, so when you’re pitching your ideas make sure they are unique and about topics that haven’t been covered recently or with the same level of knowledge that you can provide.

Online communities

If you have intriguing content that can be used as a resource industry-wide, creating an account in an online content-sharing community such as Digg or Reddit will give you the opportunity to drive more traffic to your posts, and circulate your content to a bigger audience. Each online community has various sub-categories that hone in on particular industries and subjects. You can find a relevant category related to the nature of the topic you are speaking about and post a link to the content, attracting users that are all interested in what your content focuses on. Broadcasting your posts to this wider audience has the potential to attract thousands of visitors to your website. The more valuable and well-liked your content is, the more prominent it will appear on the homepage that account members see, thus providing you with an opportunity to reach more people.


Additionally, being active in these online communities will give you an unbiased look at the type of content that your target audience is looking to learn about, and can provide you with potential article subjects for your next post. To enhance your presence on platforms of this kind, being an active member outside of just posting your own content is crucial. You should be commenting on posts that are out there, and in some instances, you may even have a blog post that is related, and can provide more information to people reading the post.

Engage your audience with valuable content

Well-written original content tells the world that you are an expert in your field. By giving something of value to your audience, you build your company’s brand presence as well as your personal expertise. Once you’ve attracted a wide audience, you get the opportunity to market to that audience and help build out your overall growth.

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