Cool & Geeky Stuff on The Last Binary Day of the Century

Today, November 11, 2011 - perhaps better known as 11.11.11 - is the greatest of all binary days and is likely the last one you'll ever experience. The next one isn't coming for another century.

A binary day is a date that consists of only 1's and 0's when written in in month/day/year format. According to smarter people who know these things a Binary Year has only nine of these dates, which means there are only 36 binary days in a century. There was one 10 days ago.

However, this binary day is rare because all six numbers in the date are 1's. Stange things are said to occur on binary days. Interesting fact via Fox News: The last time it happened, November 11, 1911, temperatures in the U.S. fell a jaw-dropping 60 degrees over the course of a single day, causing blizzards and tornadoes.

The next Binary date? Not until January 1, 2100.


For those of us who have had it with reading Web stuff this Friday afternoon, check out below some interesting video (and one image) selections making the rounds today.

Stupid (and fun) Google tricks.

Haven't tried the barrel roll yet? Type in "Do a Barrel Roll" into the Google tool bar and see what happens. Here's a video in case you're feeling a bit lazy.

Google likes to have as much fun as the next guy. Type in the word "Askew" into its search and see what happens. (Note: Below is not an image error)

Google search askew


Bert and Ernie recording for TomTom GPS - behind the scenes.

Bert and Ernie have officially joined the cast of other TomTom character - including Homer Simpson, Yoda, Snoop Dogg and Dennis Hopper - to help you get where you're going.

The interactive variety:

A Hunter shoots a bear. Or does he?

Follow Your INSTINCT (SamsungCandaFilms)


And now a few cool/funny Robot.text pages:

Robot text page

The original image above can be found here.

robots disallow


Do you have some cool/fun things we may have missed? Please feel free leave a comment below or send us a tweet @BFMweb.

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