As social media users, we're constantly presented with content when we scroll through our favorite platforms, and for most of us, we check these outlets multiple times per day. Social media has become an incredible resource for staying updated on current events, connecting with friends or family, and engaging with businesses online. For brands looking to leverage the popularity of different social platforms to reach the ever-growing users of those online communities, social media campaigns can be incredibly effective. Building brand recognition or fostering brand loyalty-both of which can contribute to significant business growth-are often generated through social media. Many brands outside of the lifestyle sector often assume that social media campaigns won't prove effective for their needs because their audience isn't necessarily interested in engaging with them on Facebook or Twitter. However, with the right campaign, businesses across all verticals can experience positive results on social media.

Objectives for Mint-X's Social Media Campaign

Mint-X, a brand of rodent repellant trash bags, teamed up with the social media gurus at Blue Fountain Media to launch a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that would not only boost brand recognition, but provide lasting long-term results following the execution of a 1-month campaign. When developing a social media campaign for Mint-X, the primary existing challenge was that the brand sells products that lack glamour (despite being high quality and broadly used). Every household needs garbage bags, but as a brand, they don't have the same connection with users that lifestyle products or services for example have. So, while there is a large audience out there for Mint-X products, those users don't readily engage with the company on social media, so Mint-X came to Blue Fountain Media to help change that. Our team created a plan for a social media campaign that would help present the brand in a different light and foster attention for them on social media.


The selected campaign was a photo-sharing contest that asked users to share images of their mornings relevant to the hashtag, #mintxmornings. The team at Mint-X wanted to capture the way their customers feel when they leave their home, see a sidewalk free of trash, and enjoy their mornings as they wish to-rather than cleaning up garbage. Not only was this approach reflective of the contest and campaign, but it is also a core value of the organization itself. #mintxmornings can be defined and explained in the custom Facebook cover photo used throughout the campaign:


To enhance the campaign, encourage user participation, and reach a wider audience, Mint-X collaborated with the Boomer Esiason Foundation and Team Boomer to help join the fight against cystic fibrosis and celebrate the month of May as "Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month." For every photo shared with #mintxmornings, $0.50 was donated to the foundation to help find a cure. Three participants of the contest were also eligible to win one of three separate prizes -2 plane tickets to anywhere in the US, a 32" flatscreen television, and an iPad. Content Strategy The content strategy for the campaign was based heavily on unique content being posted three times per week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, promoting the photo contest and encouraging users to enter and join the fight against cystic fibrosis. Templates were created so that every social media post for the campaign had continuity and was branded, ensuring that the posts were resonating on a deeper level with users. We used a creative strategy to build images for posts that were eye-catching and unique-not traditional pictures of garbage bags. Instead, they included branded visuals that represented peaceful mornings. This played a large role in reshaping the brand's identity for the campaign, while positioning them for long term success.


Influencers Throughout the course of the contest, various influencers joined in on the Mint-X's efforts to help spread the word about their charitable campaign to a larger audience. Influencers included Boomer Esiason, Gunnar Esiason, Miss Philadelphia 2015, and Joe Flacco. By reaching these public figures, and thanks to the presence, engagement, and collaboration of these influencers with the contest, we were able to reach more participants, provide more charitable contributions, and build stronger brand recognition.



The results of this campaign in terms of entries, donations, and overall brand awareness for Mint-X were positive, with a strong outcome during the month-long contest including a more than tripled increase in audience size on Twitter, and higher click-through-rates than their past posts. In the future, the Boomer Esiason Foundation is looking forward to partnering with Mint-X for another campaign. As a result of the branded hashtags, posts, and overall campaign that we created for Mint-X, the precedent for the brand's social media presence was set. The hashtag that was created didn't have to come to an end with the culmination of the campaign-it represented more than just this 1-month contest, and instead this material became evergreen and could be used going forward for the brand. This branded campaign was not just a sales-driving tactic. It was a promotional experience that opened the door for more sales to naturally come in as a result. Sales were not at the forefront of the outline goals, but with users looking at Mint-X with a new perspective, growth in sales is surely due.