So you've got yourself a great business but want to take it to the next level. You'll need to expand your traditional marketing strategy to include digital marketing channels like social media marketing. But what are your options here? Should you hire a social media manager to work in-house; someone who's creative, communicates well, and is enthusiastic about the power of social marketing? Or would you be better suited to hand over your business' social marketing campaign to a digital agency, with a team of social media experts at the ready? It may seem that hiring internally is the best and most economical decision, but in reality employees are expensive; they require benefits, sick leave and vacation time - on top of their annual salary. The cost of one great employee could be used instead to hire an agency whose social marketing team can take your budget and increase your ROI tenfold in comparison to just to one highly-skilled social media manager. We've laid out the top reasons to choose an agency over an internal hire - check it out.

1. Massive Amounts of Brainpower

With the same amount of money that you would spend on a single in-house employee, you can hire not only the expertise of a social media team that will collaborate to create brilliant social campaigns, but the other departments within the agency will also contribute to your digital marketing efforts. The social media team will perform an audit to identify your competitors and monitor their social success and conversation rates. Designers will produce beautiful images that will resonate with your audience, and strategists will ensure all efforts are in agreement with your company's voice and goals. You'll consistently have perfected ad copy, images, and targeting methods that have been proven successful. The biggest advantage of hiring a digital agency is content creation. You're buying a team who can craft video content, infographics, and blogs that will be timely and relevant. These updates will be entertaining, informative, and will prove that your company is an industry leader. It will also save you precious time and money.

2. Experience

Social Media experts are social media experts for a reason. These people have worked with a plethora of companies across many different industries. They know what works and what doesn't for various clients; clients just like your business. These social media gurus are constantly keeping up with social media updates and the latest marketing tools. Their job is to live and breathe social media and you can take advantage of their skills and experience for your business' reputation, sales, and overall image.

3. Accountability

As the usability and services in social media continue to grow, there will be intensifying scrutiny in the results-driven process. When hiring an agency, you can expect to receive monthly results and analysis on important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), engagement rates, click-through rates, relevant demographic information, and other applicable statistics about your customers' engagement with your online marketing and branding efforts. A proper agency will be able to provide reports that quantify your growth and the positive effects its social media efforts have had on your business. An agency specializes and has access to more data that can substantially measure tangible results of great social media campaigns and your agency will be able to focus on what works for your business.

4. Additional Marketing Tactics

When hiring a digital agency for your social media efforts, you'll receive a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is executed precisely from research to implementation. Within the budget you set for hiring that internal social media manager you can receive a vast amount of services from an agency. This includes a solid social media campaign that's linked seamlessly to an email marketing campaign. The agency will also develop SEM, SEO and PPC strategies as well as appropriate landing pages for those channels. You can expect great infographics, slideshares, webinars, sweepstakes and a whole slew of promotional opportunities that will be optimized to convert and retain customers. This type of agency and team is yours for the taking and you should take advantage of it! What are the main takeaways from this? For one, hiring a digital agency instead of hiring in-house is actually less expensive and if two heads are better than one, then an entire agency is definitely better than one marketing manager. A social media marketing team from an agency will also provide incredible value in terms of expanding your business' customer service, brand awareness and sales because they'll never stop challenging themselves to develop more effective campaigns for your business brand. Just as well, it is your decision to hire internally or hire a digital agency; however it is important to research the capabilities and services of an agency thoroughly before choosing the right one for your business. Do you have any questions about how a digital agency can help you with your social media efforts? Our social media marketing services can help.
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