Every major holiday presents advertisers with a new opportunity to market their products and services in a unique way that fits that festive season. With Halloween marking the unofficial kickoff to "The Holidays," we have seen some digital advertisers come up with a variety of unique and creative approaches to getting their name in front of customers online. As social media advertising continues to grow and evolve, the marketing campaigns that stand out the most are the ones that don't seem like advertisements at all. Most notably with Twitter - with Halloween-themed tweets filling up everyone's newsfeeds in the past few weeks, there are a few brands that have impressed us with their creative approaches to their campaigns during this spooky season. Here are a few of our favorites:

Simple Skincare

Simple is a brand that provides a range of skincare products that are targeted towards individuals with sensitive skin. Their marketing typically emphasizes the fact that their products have no dyes, artificial perfumes or irritants. For their Halloween approach, they were specifically showcasing their eye makeup remover, and showing audiences how it can be a great asset to your Halloween costume, after all of the festivities have come to an end.
twitter campaigns - simple
Leveraging the popularity of the Harley Quinn costume this year, Simple showed tweeters how easy it is to remove ALL of that Halloween makeup with their product. They took advantage of Twitter's feature that allows any individual tweet to contain up to 4 photos, and used it in a strategic way to tell a story. They created 3 separate images that came together as one cohesive message, using large and easy-to-read text along with bright imagery to help make it happen. They took the features that are unique to Twitter, and incorporated them into their marketing strategy in order to create an ad that served the Halloween audiences on that specific platform.

Taco Bell

If you were in need of a last-minute costume idea - Taco Bell was here to help. Their "All Tacos' Eve Costume Contest" encouraged audiences to create DIY Taco Bell-inspired costumes, then post them to Twitter or Instagram for the chance to win a number of different prizes.
twitter campaigns - taco bell
Participants had the opportunity to be judged based on their creativity and relevance to the theme by using the hashtag #AllTacosEveContest with their post. Although this was an ad on Twitter, it strategically created traffic to the company's Instagram account as well. While Taco Bell may not be the first brand you think of when you talk about Halloween, their creation of a fun contest allowed them to stand out to social media audiences, help people come up with silly costumes, and become relevant during a relatively obscure time of year for their business.
twitter campaigns - taco bell2


AutoZone's Halloween Twitter campaign is an excellent representation of how the right creative can make a huge difference in the success of your digital marketing strategy. While we typically expect to see ads from candy companies, party stores, and costume retailers this time of year - one from an auto parts retailer was a bit of a curveball. Using the hashtag #AZOMonsterTips, AutoZone created a series of ads that promoted their different products, while hilariously incorporating them into scenes with different Halloween monsters and characters. Though the products were not necessarily being used correctly (see below) it was a very creative way to get their products in front of audiences in a way that fit the theme of the season. They also took advantage of Twitter's 4-photo feature to help tell their whole story, utilizing large illustrations with short copy to get the overall message across. It goes to show that with the right team of creative individuals, and the right strategy behind your marketing and design, your products and services can be relevant and advertised any time of the year.
twitter campaigns - autozone


Getting dressed up and going all out on Halloween will require lots and lots of makeup. Whether you are being something as simple as a cat, or as detailed and complex as a zombie, transforming into something else means you will need some makeup! This clearly gives beauty brands like Maybelline the chance to advertise their products, while also having some fun with how they choose to market them and get them in front of customers. Maybelline's Twitter campaign didn't necessarily promote a specific product. Instead, it showcased a photo of a social media makeup guru who had recreated a Snapchat lens with some Maybelline products, providing audiences with the perfect inspiration for a spooky Halloween look. The ad then encouraged users to watch the tutorial and see the products that were used on the Maybelline Snapchat account, with a link leading them to their Snapchat page to start following them. This is another great example of cross-promoting your different social media channels through one of your more successful accounts, and tailoring your content so that you are showcasing the right creative in the right places. The tutorial is on Snapchat, but the single photo is just enough to draw fans in on Twitter.
twitter campaigns - maybelline
These are just a few of the ways brands have leveraged timely events and holidays like Halloween to market their products. Curating content that is unique to each social media platform, and coming up with creative ways to make your brand relevant, are both essential aspects in making your business stand out through Twitter ads. What are some of your favorite digital marketing or Twitter campaigns from this Halloween? Leave a comment below or send us your favorites by tweeting us @BFMweb! We would love to see some more spooky examples of what other brands have done throughout the (spider) web.
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