Digital Marketing Extensions for Chrome Digital Marketing is a lot easier when you have awesome tools to help you do your job to the best of your ability. Having to navigate around to different pages on the internet to use tools like Moz's Keyword Difficulty tool or Google's URL builder can be a frustrating proposition for marketers who already have multiple tabs and windows open across their computer. Luckily for marketers who use Google's Chrome browser there is a way to streamline this process so that your time can be better spent on focusing how to increase your brand's or client's ROI. Below are some of the most useful (and free) chrome extensions for digital marketing that will save you some precious browser-tab space so that you can almost see what the title tag of each page actually is.


Some of the most useful tools for digital marketing are undoubtedly provided by Moz Analytics. It comes as little surprise then that MozBar, Moz's plug-in for Chrome, is one of the most helpful Chrome addons out there. This handy little tool will let you view link metrics, analyze individual page elements, and access a wide variety of other awesome SEO tools while you browse the web. Perhaps the best part of this extension is the fact that it lets you see the page and domain authorities of your Google and Bing SERP included in each individual search result. This is extremely helpful if you are trying to figure out how hard or easy it might be for you to break into the first page of results for certain terms without having to navigate over to Moz and plug in the search term you want to rank for into their Keyword Difficulty Tool. Mozbar's SERP Overlay The one drawback to this extension is that it requires a Moz account for all of the features to become available - but even without an account it will still provide some basic, and very helpful, information for digital marketers.

Google Analytics URL Builder

Unless you are a purist or take weird joy out of building Google Analytics URLs, having a tool to create them quickly for you so that you can keep track of your traffic is a must-have. Particularly when you have content being published at the peak social activity time of the day, you want to make sure that you are able to build trackable links as quickly as possible so that you can correctly share and track your content and not get forced to publish when less people are active. Sure you can use Google's URL builder on their site - but why take the time to navigate all the way there if you don't have to?

Google Analytics URL Builder

This tool will auto-capture the URL of the page you are currently on and build your Analytics code for you right then and there. To make the process even easier, this addon allows you to create "quick sets" for sources, mediums, terms, content or campaigns that you often use to create your tracking codes. This means that with a single click of a button you can auto-input almost all of the data you need ("almost" because hopefully you're using a utm_content label to differentiate what each link is). It even has an option to generate a code out of the new analytics link right in the extension so that you can quickly take your link and post it out to social media right in time to have the highest possible amount of your audience see it. Even better, if you have a account you can connect it to the extension to create codes that feature your unique shorting url.

PageRank Status

Getting detailed information about a site can sometimes be a trying process. Getting lots of little bits of information about a single page or domain can be a tedious experience that requires you to go to a lot of different domains and spend a good amount of time waiting for different services to load the site's information. A great way around this timesink is to simply download the PageRank Status tool for Chrome. As you navigate through the web, this handy tool can be called upon at any time to give you PageRank statistics. However, if you're not too concerned about PageRank, this tool will also give basic SEO and traffic stats, as well as providing information like general site and page info, WHOIS lookup, and overall page speed. PageRank Status On their own, none of these statistics would necessarily warrant their very own Chrome add-on. However, when combined into a single tool, these metrics can prove to be very helpful and provide interesting pieces of information that will come in handy when optimizing your own page or checking out how you stack up against industry competitors.

Clear Cache

There are very few feelings that are worse than getting frustrated with your developer for not finishing a task, only to find out that the work has been completed and you just can't see it on the page because you forgot to clear your browser's cache. This tool lets you do that right from the page you're currently on and keep those uncomfortable situations to a minimum. Equally helpful, this extension will save you lots of time that you would have spent pulling up incognito windows or navigating through Chrome to clear your cache manually. Call me lazy, but that time can start to add up over the course of the year - minutes that could be spent doing something much more productive than navigating around the internet to find the tools you need. Adding these extensions to your Chrome browser will save you precious time and make your job just a little bit more enjoyable. As many digital marketers know, often it's a combination of little things coming together that create bigger problems. Taking a second to make sure that your Chrome extensions all come together to make your browser a digital marketer's dream will end up keeping you from wasting small amounts of time over the course of the year that could have been used for something more important. Download these extensions and let us know how you like them! Have any other helpful digital marketing chrome extensions that you use that you want to share with others? Let us know about them by commenting below or tweeting @BFMweb.
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